Thursday, September 28, 2006

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all things greta. my daughter is an amazing little person. and sometimes i feel like she gets the shaft around here. so i thought i would offer up a tribute to her tonight.

  1. girl went to sleep 2 nights ago at 8:40, and i had to wake her up the next morning at 8:30. i mean, are you serious? (those of you with small children, i hope i didn't offend you by making you jealous. however, she did wake up last night at 1:30, just to keep us on our toes.)
  2. even though she does wear mostly pink these days, she is ok with the occasional hand-me-down from her brother (i.e. t-shirt, running pants, and thorlo socks).

  3. (could she look any more unhappy?)
  4. she also is totally fine with the fact that all of her pajamas are blue (don't want to spend $ on clothes no one will ever see her in).

  5. (yes, these have helicopters and airplanes on them. the other ones in the rotation have firetrucks. she doesn't fight it.)
  6. she poops the MINUTE we put a new diaper on
  7. the only time she seems to not cry when she's being held by buz is when he is most uncomfortable (walking around the house in awkward positions). she can be dead asleep until you sit down. we KNOW she senses that you've finally gotten comfortable. little stinker.
  8. buz thinks she only cries when i leave the house. (not true, but we'll let him believe that it's our little secret.) :)
  9. i've been so anxious about her feeding (she has had some major breastfeeding issues). i took her to her 2-month well check-up, and i was praying so hard that the Lord would give me some kind of sign that she was doing better. buz and i took bets on her weight. he said she would be at 12#8, and i said 12#2. the chubster weighed in at THIRTEEN FREAKING POUNDS!!! way to go, hoss!
  10. also, at her 2-month check-up, she had to get 4 shots, 2 in each leg. she basically cried really loud for approximately 6 1/2 seconds, and then just grabbed my neck and kind of whimpered. hoss!
  11. she's 2 months old, and she hasn't had to see a GI specialist yet. and we haven't lived everyday at Medical City of Dallas.
  12. every wednesday morning since she was 5 weeks old, we have been going to bible study at our church. i feel like she is too young to be taken to the nursery. so i feed her beforehand, and then she just gets passed around from grandmother to grandmother. she eats it up.
  13. last week, henry and i got "into it." (never good. battle of the wills is a scary thing around our house.) she stayed in her bouncy that she really doesn't seem to like right now because it's fleece, and she sweats a lot (just like her mom). but she remained calm in her very hot bouncy seat and waited until henry and i were done "resolving" our issues. she's like, "you guys just wake me when you're finished."

  14. (the infamous bouncy seat)
  15. it's cute (?) that all of her hair has been preserved in her crib. buz keeps telling her, "greta, yours will grow back. i promise. yours will grow back."
  16. she succumbs to henry's "gentle loving." he likes to "kiss" her which really means suffocate her by holding his open mouth over her open mouth in what looks like an extremely romantic moment. he also likes to "hug" her which means lay on one of her extremities until it goes numb.

  17. ("help! someone get him off of me!")
  18. i'm not sure she's ever blinked because she has such alert eyes. doesn't want to miss a thing.
  19. the only person she'll lean up against without crying is henry? how is that so?

  20. she is ok with henry being the one to "wake" her up. that means climb up her crib and talk really loudly into her bed. and with the inflection that only henry can use, he asks, "baby, you have a good nap? huh? it's me! ah-nee (aka henry). and i brought my ding (aka eggo)! you get up and watch broo croos with mommy and ah-nee? huh?" i mean, God love him. and she just puts up with it. i mean, is she thinking "i really don't like blues clues, and i don't really care about what he's having for breakfast. but it's easier not saying anything right now."
  21. you know once she can talk, she will be the only one to put henry in his place. we long for that day. we think she's going to turn into a know-it-all, and we think that will be a welcomed asset to our family. she'll talk henry into anything. don't tell him any of this.
  22. she has resorted to the fact that most of her 9-week life has been in the carseat. and she just goes along with it.

  23. for some reason, she REALLY does NOT like baths. she loves the bath itself. it's the getting out that she lets the neighbors know about. yikes!
  24. and finally, she smiles! a LOT! bless you, Greta!
i know i have already done the 1-month and 2-month comparison pictures, but i couldn't help myself. here is g-dog at 1 month...

and here is the little peanut at 2 months...

well, should i come up with some more, i will most them at a later time. all that to say, this girl is a superstar! what a champ to be sister to Sir Henry and have him really, really like her. what an honor, Greta. we are glad to have you in the family!

so see some of the handiwork of my buddy weentrab, here are some pictures from when we were expecting greta and when we came home. weentrab, you are my hero! my hats off to you! thank you!


Kelly from Montana said...

thanks - i've been waiting to see another entry! such great pics and commentary! love - k