Sunday, September 24, 2006


i'm hooked. i have fallen madly, deeply in love with someone...greta ellen, you have captured my heart. i got a smile today. we're not just talking a little bit of a crooked mouth. a full blown SMILE! she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen! it was just the two of us. and what a moment. buz had taken orders from "the boss" (aka big h) to take his (yes dad's) nap in henry's bed. mind you -- henry has a bunkbed. it's pretty difficult to get into his bed to take a nap. but if henry says so...

what an amazing weekend. yesterday, buz went in to work in the morning to get some things done. henry, greta, and i dilly-dallied around the house. we went to our buddy andrew's birthday party, where henry did awesome. i comment on how he "did" because some of you might know that we sometimes fear how henry will handle social situations. :) he's not too keen on sharing yet. and when he melts down, people in neighboring states can hear. so we go places praying that God grants us (and the others around us) peace. he was a total champ. sometimes i just look him and laugh. he is my sunshine. he had a lot of fun, and greta was the life of the party, as usual. then, we came home and attempted to take naps but were unsuccessful. again...unfortunate for all. we headed to big denton, texas to see nana and papa (aka ace and nance) as well as see where they're going to live! so much fun! now, they're not moving for at least a year to maybe a year and a half. but fun to start thinking about. we got to their hotel room, and henry was pumped to give a little sugar to papa and got some tickling from nana. and the piece de resistance...nana and papa brought henry toy story 2 (aka buz woody and horsey show). we walked around and looked at the place, which was very nice. we had dinner at the clubhouse. greta was a champ sitting on dad's lap just enjoying the sights. henry was a trooper, eating a ton of his grilled cheese (but more of his french fries and ketchup). we played outside where there was a beautiful waterfall that big h was mesmerized by. greta didn't care so much for her trip home, but once she got home, got something to eat, and got put in her bed, she was much happier in la-la land. henry was asleep before baby tad (his 6-minute singing frog) finished his songs. and buz and i got to finally watch the season of grey's anatomy. the joy of tv watching once kiddos are asleep. today, we did something we don't normally do -- we skipped church. not on purpose. but big h didn't wake up until 8:30 (that's enough to praise the LORD!), and greta wasn't up yet. :) so we had pancakes and went to a park to play.

came home and had lunch and took naps. (well, everyone except greta. she doesn't care so much for the daytime sleep yet. which is ok because she LOVES the nighttime sleep.) greta and i went to run some errands, and dad and big h went to another park to play some more. henry was probably thinking today was christmas. had dinner, watched some veggie tales, and took baths and went to sleep. again...h was asleep before tad could finish his songs. amazing. and greta sawing logs in her crib.

so, i'm obsessed with fall. i can't get enough of it. we have the windows open right now, and i want to call everyone i know. it got *down* to 70 degrees, and i felt like i should go get my sweater box out of the closet. one thing that cracks me up about living in dallas--people like me who want it to be colder. you see all of these people wearing parkas when it finally gets down to 65. people in colder places (aka kelly) start wearing shorts when it finally gets UP to 65. all relative, i guess. oh how i long to wear a coat and jeans and actually NEED the down comforter at night. oh, and how i long to stop sweating for a couple of months.

i've also got the sunday night blues (i.e. daddy goes back to work tomorrow.) we ALL get the sunday night blues. henry doesn't know that he does until monday morning when he is really sad that his ultimate playmate has gone back to work. here's to you, dad...


Kelly from Montana said...

Sorry we didn't get to chat this weekend = so glad to have your blog to fill me in on you and yours! Glad you approve and Ace and Nance's place! Enjoy Toy Story 2!
Love - K

gramma wiz said...

What a fun weekend. How wonderful they will be so close soon. I am jealous.

I understand completely about being alone with Greta and seeing that beautiful smile, just between you two. Being a mother is the most wonderful gift from God. It's was amazing to me that I could love anything as much as I did my boys. It is over-whelming some times.

I love that Henry invites you guys to nap in his bed. I think his bed is so cosy, kind of like sleeping in a cave.

Anyway, thanks for my blog today and the pictures are terrific.

PS I also get the Sun night blues. I am feeling a little of that now that we are home and Dick is going back to work after us being so close and together for this whole time. Real life begins again. Love you all, me

Marino said...

Jan~ I am loving your is so fun to hear what's all going on in your life! Totally understand too the Sunday night blues...we get them over here too when dada has to go back to work. Glad everyone is doing so well & how awesome that your parents are moving closer!!! Hope we talk soon...


Jen said...

WOW! Janet, this is amazing good times, to hear real time events as they unfold in the life of the Wisners. I feel special to be a part of your "extended family" blog audience... what a great idea! Kudos to Weentraub, who- and wherever (s)he is! : )
I can't believe how much your children have grown and how much they look like YOU! Keep the blogs coming, and know that your cuz back East is rootin' for you guys all the way!
: )

Weentrab said...

loving this blog-so glad you're keeping up with it!
sweet, sweet greta-head...can't wait to see a picture of her sweet smile!!!

Becky said...


I'm glad you slept in and did the pancakes/park thing on Sunday. My favorite thing about your blog is your pics...and my only request is that you would do a better job of describing what KINDS of desserts you may be eating at the time. I.e: what does "take out dessert" mean? My food-obsessed mind wants to know.