Monday, October 30, 2006

happy birthday little man

three years ago, we FINALLY finished laboring and got the little man out. thank you, dr. brough. big h was stubborn in the womb, refusing to come out, and hasn't changed a bit. he has challenged us daily, but my life wouldn't be the same without him.

today began with the thought, "is it really 6:30?" read something else by someone who shares my exact feelings this morning. but, then at 6:39, i remembered how my life was richer. sweet henry pattison. we woke up together and played with thomas and percy. you're shocked, i know. :) then, we woke up the goo to feed her. then, because today was a special day, we went to dunkin donuts. (i know you're thinking, "what makes that special? you go to dunkin donuts a lot.") oh, but we all went in our jammies this morning! so much fun! big h thought he was at the gates of heaven. henry said, "mommy, i have orange sprinkle donut. you have pink donut. and baby dee-ter (sister), well, her is too ee-tuhl (little)." isn't he bright? we had a lovely conversation about cakes and cars and hospitals and black doggies. somehow all those topics went together. not sure how, but they did. we got back in the car and came home and guessed it. trains. greta wasn't up for that, so she took her nap. when she woke up, we all piled in the car for fun birthday adventure #2 for the day. when we got there, i realized that big h's shoes were in dad's car from last night. big cuss word running through mom's head. so i thought, "today is the day. i'm going to pull a fast one." i had bought a cute pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago with the hope that one day henry would branch out. so i nonchalantly talked to him as i'm attempting to put the other shoes on. no dice! he wouldn't have it. brad and i actually bought him a 2nd pair of his shoes for those "just in case" moments. so i had to resort to those. big bummer. i thought SURELY today would've been the day.

we went to the wiggly play center with aunt biscuithead (aka bitsy; aka who we named henry after). big h and andrew had an absolute blast. if you are NOT a wiggles fan (or do not have children under 8), you will not understand any of this. but we had spaghetti, hot potatoes, and fruit salad. in the words of one of my buddies, it was "dare i say" yummy yummy. overall, good time.

big h and i came home and made popcorn and watched the heffalump movie together. when dad came home, i asked big h if he wanted to go eat pizza, and he replied with a serious, "hmmm. no, i not think so." so i proceeded to ask him if he wanted anything special tonight for dinner since it was his birthday. he said, "yes, i would like to have some yay-yoh (yellow) pasta, mashed potatoes, and corn." ??? so boston market, it was. there was some music on, and he asked daddy if he could get down, and normally we try not to let him out of his chair until he's all done. but of course, he asked if he could get down so he could "get my groove on." yes, folks, my child wanted to get down to dance to the music and "get his groove on." nuts, i tell you!

and the BEST part of the day for ME was his total random comment on the way home. we are driving home from boston market, pulling onto our street, and henry out of nowhere says, "mommy, you make me happy." I KID YOU NOT!!! with no prompting. i am STILL crying. my sweet little man.

we came home and opened presents. wow, we have such generous friends and family! we are so blessed. he took his bath and read stories and went almost straight to sleep. (i.e. no nap)

little man, we LOVE you. happy birthday, henry.

fun on the slides...

the boys LOVED the big red cars (and sang "toot toot chugga chugga" continuously)
aunt biscuithead and greta goo


Amy said...

Okay, you got me: "mommy, you make me happy" made me cry, too. What a sweetie pie! Happy birthday, big H!