Sunday, October 22, 2006

i am so in love with my husband. va va va voom. he is the most incredible friend, husband, and dad i know. friday was one of "those days" where motherhood was just tougher than normal. we had to get out of the house, so we did a little grocery shopping (big sigh) and headed out for some lunch with our buddy sarah and her two kiddos kaleb and baby girl (sex to be determined in december?). i even called our speech therapist (ashley) to cancel because i didn't want to have to discipline over and over again while she was there. horrible. i talked to buz on his way home and let him know that the day had not been one of our better. he immediately instructed me to get in the car and head out for some solo time. PRAISE JESUS! much needed. no carseat to get out of the car, no veggie tales playing (yes, i got to listen to my own CD), and just some janet time. i got home, fed greta goo while big h was being put to bed, and ate a really late dinner (typical for weekends). buz and i just hung out. he played...what? yep, he played playstation, and i "dorked out." that's our phrase for geeking out on the computer or doing picture stuff or doing laundry (yes, on friday night) or writing emails or writing in greta or henry's journal. saturday was a beautiful day. buz took big h for a train ride. they rode the train down to get some lunch and play by the fountain. i stayed home with the goo-ster and took a shower with no one in my bathroom asking me what station toby or percy will stop at. it's the little things, right? i wrote some thank you notes (we are SO blessed) and just got some stuff done around the house. stuff that typically doesn't get done when both kids are present and awake. i took greta on some errands yesterday while henry and brad took naps. ok, truth be told...only brad took a nap. :) we came back and played for a while, and buz took big h out for pizza and greta and i stayed at the house and had salads. actually, i am the only one who had a salad. actually, now that i think about it, she did have a salad, sort of. :)

today we skipped church. brings me to a pressing point. we are taking a break from church for a couple of weeks. before you gasp in amazement, it's for a good reason. we could take greta when she was still really young and could fall asleep anywhere. but these days, she is quite a bit more vocal. i am not ready to put her in the nursery (selfish, i'm sure), and i get nothing out of the sermon when i am not even in the sanctuary. sad thing is -- big h LOVES church. i mean, LOVES it. he hasn't noticed that we haven't been going, but i really feel like he's missing out. hopefully soon, we can get back on our schedule. fingers crossed.

so today, we had dunkin donuts for breakfast, which is always a treat. while greta was taking her morning nap, big h, buz, and i played hide and seek out in the back yard. SO MUCH FUN! he is so funny. we would hide, and he would count, "one, two, see, bor, nine, TEN!" oops, left out a couple of numbers, which i was bummed about because one of henry's funniest words is seven -- say-bin. and then he would say, "hmmm...where mommy daddy went?" and every time he would find one of us, he would yell out, " i always find you!!"
had lunch and buz took greta on some errands. apparently, she is going to be a daddy's girl because he reported that she LOVED home depot. you go, greta goo! and then daddy of the year act #2 of the weekend...BUZ WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE!!!!! can i get an AMEN?! so that was a HUGE weight lifted! i LOVE my husband!
tonight was long but now over. :) have i mentioned how attractive my husband is when he is "firm brad?" we LOVE firm brad. again, henry doesn't, but i do.
i was doing a little internet surfing, and i came across this and started crying. i'm sorry, but does this say low in the 30s? have i talked about fall janet? gosh, she is SO MUCH FUN! everybody loves fall janet. hopefully, we are getting to bid a permanent farewell to summer janet for a while. three cheers for fall janet!
we noticed that greta goo doesn't smile a lot. looks like it is a lot of work for her. think these may be why?

look at the size of those things. i think they are the biggest cheeks i have ever seen.
tomorrow we are *trying* the pumpkin patch. i can't guarantee anything. the first year we went, henry was one, and he did great. the weather was nice, and he was so intrigued.
he doesn't look excited, but he's a very pensive little guy. he really did have fun, i promise.
last year was a tough year for the pumpkin patch. he pitched a grand mal fit and i carried him in true white trash fashion, under my arm, to the car. needless to say, we didn't talk the whole way home. :)

so we'll see how tomorrow goes. anyone's game, i guess.
stay tuned...henry or greta may guest blog to report of the day's events.
p.s. janet having some trouble "editing" tonight, so i apologize that the spacing is all messed up. too tired to figure out the problem.


Kelly from Montana said...

we are hitting pumpkin patch ("sweet pickins") on wednesday with grandma and grandpa - our 1st visit.

weentrab said...

'white trash style'

that is classic!

and I'm sorry, but can you stop bragging about your awesome handsome adorable super helpful and thoughtful husband? please?

just out of pity of the rest of us, k?