Tuesday, October 10, 2006


hmmm...not sure who is more scarred -- me or henry? (read on to find out the juice of the story.)

the morning started with some much needed rain. oh how i wished this morning that it was a saturday and i was either still in college or married (without young children). it was one of those good rainy mornings that was dark and cool. i wanted to sleep in SO BADLY. but to no avail. however, with 2 children under 3, i had it as good as it possibly could've been. i woke at 8:00 with NO ONE ELSE awake!!! so i took my shower in silence (bliss) and began to change my clothes only to find my almost 3-year-old standing alone at the end of the hallway like someone in a horror movie. now mind you, we leave the house at 9:00 on school days and watch 2 episodes of "koos skoos" (blues clues) before we leave. if you know anything about childrens' television, you know that each episode is roughly 20 minutes or so. so if you do the math, it appears that we will NOT have enough time for the 2nd episode. and for those who know my older child, you know that breaking the news that we only have time for ONE episode was not on the top 10 things i looked forward to doing. but as always, big h pleasantly surprised me. we watched 1 1/16 episodes of koos skoos. then, i told him it was time to go, and he marched right to the car. attaboy, champ.

i had to WAKE "baby" to get in the car. yes, i put her down at 8 last night, and she was not yet awake at 9 this morning. sheer craziness, i tell you. it was pouring down rain, and i dropped a very happy little boy off at school. greta was in desperate need of something to eat, so i fed her in the nursery of his school.

i then proceed down to northpark to get a couple of things and to meet my preggo friend elizabeth for a nice girls lunch, greta included. and the minute we sit down to enjoy our soup and salad, my cell phone rings with henry's school number displayed. hmmm...

"janet, i just wanted to let you know that miss kyra just changed henry's diaper and he has diarrhea, and that is one of the conditions we send children home for." ahhh...no better way to interrupt a friendly lunch. :) so i inhale my soup and salad (sorry for the rush, elizabeth) and head BACK to school to get my little man. little man was sawing logs when i arrived. so i fed greta again in the nursery of his school. greta just runs with it.

so this afternoon, we headed to our friend davis' house to get her double stroller that we are going to use for the fair tomorrow. plus, she was offering to give us some girl clothes for greta that her girls had outgrown. she has twin almost 4-year-old girls, but henry LOVES playing over there. i had done something downstairs and wanted to make sure henry was ok before i went back downstairs to look through clothes. i found henry in the girls' closet trying on all of their shoes. girl shoes! keep in mind, this is the same kid who only wears ONE PAIR OF SHOES and refuses to wear anything else! i quickly removed him (in a loving manner, of course) from the female closet and led him into the playroom where the girls were playing.

we had gotten the stroller ready and had gone through all of the clothes. (davis, you're the best. greta goo is going to be so pumped to finally sleep in girl pjs and to have some hand-me-downs that don't have chugga chuggas on them.) i had told big h that it was almost time to go and he was fine with the announcement. i came up with greta to get him, and hannah and emma were playing dress up and told me they were having fun with henry. wait, what? playing dress up and henry in the same sentence? that can't be good. (now don't get me wrong. i married a softie, so i am perfectly fine with boys/men getting in touch with their more sensitive side. but...)

here is where the "who is more scarred" thought occurred. i arrive to their playroom to find a sight that i don't think i will ever be able to get out of my mind. my big h standing STARK NAKED (diaper off too) holding a Cinderella/princess dress getting ready to put it on. "this isn't happening. i did NOT just see that."

"ok henry, we need to put our clothes on and mommy will get you a new diaper." i'm sure davis was pleased to see that he had pooped in this diaper. luckily, he had not made a mess (that i know of). what in the free world is my kid doing putting on princess dresses? not to be stereotypical or sexist or anything, but someone find this kid a jersey and some cleats or something.

do i tell brad or not? that is the question on my mind tonight.


Weentrab said...

seriously-we have the same kid.

I say take a picture and use it as blackmail

that's my plan tomorrow...to strategically lay out the pink tutu, the pink princess wand, the tap shoes and the cinderella dress and let nature take it's course.