Monday, October 16, 2006

sometimes i'm amazed at what henry says during the day. here is the history behind today's funny and yet insightful comment. you should all know by now about my kid's obsession with trains (thomas the tank empire, in particular). so last year, we went to "day out with thomas" where you get to ride a HUGE life-sized train that looks like thomas. my kid was totally awestruck. while we were there, they just *happened* to have a gift shop, for the all of the sucker parents like buz and me. the one that big h picked up was this gordon that was for a *real* train set (like the ones my father-in-law and dad enjoy building and playing with.) these are not little cute toy trains. these are serious business metal trains for the serious train enthusiast. so in haste, buz bought him this gordon. i will not EVEN tell you how much it was. we won't go there. he calls it his *daddy gordon* because it's much bigger than any of his other little wooden trains (that most boys his age play with). well, it has had a hard life so far. some of the wheels have fallen off, the coupling rod (yes, coupling rod is my vocabulary) has broken. his face falls off. it's pitiful because this is our most expensive train and it has had the most problems. but it's henry's favorite. all but one of daddy gordon's buffers have broken off, and big h constantly talks about "going to the store and buying new ones." i keep having to tell him that the store doesn't sell buffers for daddy gordon, and his reply is always, "oh but they can." i proceed to attempt to explain that you can't just go buy daddy gordon buffers and so on and so forth. he just doesn't get it. finally, today, i think he got it.

i told him we needed to go to the store to get some groceries, milk, etc. he said, "mommy, we no buy buffers for daddy gordon at the store. but we do buy crunchy cheetos." i LOVE this kid! he's SO subtle.

sick, sick, sick is the story of our life around the wisner household. big h has been sick since thursday night. fever, runny nose, cough, the one episode of diarrhea, the whole nine yards. he was better friday night and saturday, though he didn't really have his A-game on for the big weentrab birthday party. you'll notice that henry did NOT have on a costume. brad and i didn't feel bad because neither did the birthday girl. :) i'm not sure if henry will EVER wear a costume on purpose. we'll see. maybe i will eat my words. he felt good enough to whine and annoy us yesterday, though. amazing how that works. he gave greta goo the snots too. saline and bulb syringe -- those two words give me nightmares as a parent. she's better but she doesn't have her A-game either.

next weekend is big h's big 3rd birthday. do i have a THREE-YEAR-OLD????? sheer craziness!

not to make anyone jealous, but i got to do a little more online shopping with my mother-in-law. greta is so much fun to buy for. thanks, ms. wiz. so fun!

THIS JUST IN!!! a miracle has just occurred in the wisner household! and i can't help but share the news!!!!! as always, history behind the story. there are a LOT of things that henry does NOT like to do. part of it is that he's been in the terrible 2's since he was about 10 months old. part of it is that he's just henry. strong-willed. odd and quirky, in a good way. very opinionated. the last MAJOR tantrum the kid had (and i am talking MAJOR tantrum -- the ones that don't happen in most households) was over me cutting his toenails. he HATES to have his fingernails or toenails cut. so i wait until they are a safety hazard to someone else or himself, and then i just let him know that it has to be done. it was an absolute nightmare the last time. i held his foot so tightly and he squirmed and screamed and yelled and almost made himself sick. it was awful. i actually gave myself a timeout so that i wouldn't do anything i would regret. it was a horrible experience. as i'm sitting here tonight enjoying some computer time, checking emails, looking at stupid stuff online, enjoying my "free time," i hear my little man calling from his room. now, these *calls* are usually centered around what train is not in his bed, or that he needs some water. my favorites are when he asks for some random snack that never, in my right mind, would i EVER give him. (i.e. gumballs, cheetos, frosted flakes, etc.) so just now, i hear little man calling for me (big sigh). buz says, "you're not going to believe what he's asking for." i get into his room, where the light is on (and is NOT supposed to be). he has a HUGE smile on his face and says in the sweetest voice possible, "hey mommy, hey mommy, ummm...can you cut my tee-uhls?" i'm sorry, what? you WANT me to cut your toenails? PRAISE JESUS! so i cut his toenails with no blood shed and the neighbors are still asleep. of course, in true janet fashion, i tried to press my luck and ask if he wanted me cut his fingernails (tinga-neels) too. but to no avail. hey, i tried.

to celebrate such a huge occasion, let's share some henry pictures...

a classic "oops, i shouldn't be in here, should i" henry face!

did mention my kid's obsession with trains? (yes, he STILL takes them to the bath.)

well, pray for healing around our house. that big h would get better. that greta goo wouldn't have the snots anymore. she does NOT like having the snots. i don't either, greta goo. and pray that brad and i don't get it.

my kid has clean, fresh toenails. we shall all sleep well tonight.


weentrab said...

praying for no goo.

(selfishly, because I want to play with you guys on thursday)

love how you know all the parts of the train...can you teach me??? I'm still new to all this 'toot-toot' talk.

Franklin5 said...

Confession: I had a wee meltdown when Trey came home last night. It was kind of like one of my old "my job makes me crazy" rants from the days when I was a corporate worker bee. Incredibly important distinction: I utterly LOVE my mommy job, but it does, in fact, make me a teensy bit crazy at times.

Anyway, one of the things I vented about to Trey was that I never had a sense of project completion, that every day was the same project over and over and over again. But your post made me realize that all of the tasks I ever aced at the office, combined, never felt as satisfying as admiring itsy bitsy fingernails, neatly trimmed. I am woman, hear me roar.

(Sorry for the novel.)

P.S. S and I had a minor case of the snots on Sunday, but it seemed to be short-lived and reasonably contained. Hopefully everyone is happy and healthy at your house now, too!