Wednesday, October 04, 2006

can't stop talking about it

played outside with henry in the sand today. which brings me to a point that i will make until i am in the grave. i detest "fall" in dallas!! i mean, since when does 94 degrees constitute "fall" weather? i love going into the Gap and seeing sweaters!!! do people really dress for fall around dallas, and i am out here by myself in my t-shirt and shorts? henry is just sitting in the sand playing, and i am literally baking trying to think of something i can do outside that will get my mind off how i am sweating like a man. (anyone who worked with me at kamp is dying laughing at this point. i can't help but be obsessed about hot weather and how my husband longs for "winter janet" to return. she is so much more fun than "summer janet.") so i start to write a letter, but that doesn't help. so i resort to the only thing that gets henry's ice cream, henry? that did the trick.

we had ice cream and decided to focus on all things inside. we got an extra fun package in the mail containing a souvenir t-shirt with a bull on it from my in-laws who just got back from Spain. and they also sent a dress-up elmo costume. basically those 2 things consumed the rest of our day. let's hear it for care packages!

evidence of the day...

c'mon, how cute is this kid?

bedtime ritual was easier than normal due to lack of nap on henry's part. greta was spent, as she had not had much of a rest most of the day either. she doesn't nap so well yet...unfortunate. but boy is she a fun gal?

and a basic point and shoot pic of mama and the kiddos finishing up the day...

off to check out the new ll bean catalog. (these are the things that i get excited about these days?)