Tuesday, October 03, 2006

failed parenting 101

rats! i don't think of it as complete defeat. but i cracked. i couldn't help it. you're NEVER supposed to let your kids see you laughing at something they did that they shouldn't have done. and the inevitable happened to me tonight. we put henry (and buz lightyear) to bed tonight and talked to jesus. i heard him (AND his piano), so i decided to investigate the crime scene. i went in and he had the light on sitting on the floor playing his little infant piano with only 4 keys. he immediately started walking back to his bed, knowing he had been had. i asked if he wanted to be tucked in. and in a very, very sweet (manipulative little booger) way answered, "oh yes, mommy. i like you to tuck me in. buz too?" so i tucked both in again. and asked, "henry, are you going to make good choices?" (if you have never met henry, you are not aware of the inflections in his voice when he talks. they melt your heart and are the cutest little sounds. yes, i am a sucker.) so in his little inflection, he said so seriously, "yes, mommy, i DO make good choices!!!" darnit...i couldn't help it. i started laughing. not just a little chuckle, but full on out loud laughter. (now, i know what you're thinking. "janet, that story really isn't that funny." trust me -- if could hear henry's voice and see his face, it would be that funny to you too.) so then in my laughter, i TRIED to explain to him that his choice would include staying in his bed and keeping the light off. and he just laughed (because i was laughing) and he said while laughing, "mommy i DO wub you. night night." i couldn't help it.

and here is a picture of greta who graduated to the big baby tub. i will have to dig up the pictures of henry in this tub. it's SCARY how much they look alike.

also, a very funny recap of the bachelor. yes, i STILL watch this show. and i am comfortable with myself. so if you too watch it, you will thoroughly enjoy this!