Wednesday, October 11, 2006

howdy folks

well, we did it. we did what every texan is supposed to do sometime during the month of october. we braved the texas state fair. there are several things that never cease to amaze me. first, being that if you're not a size 2, there are just some things you should NOT wear. for example, 1982 really tight, really short jean shorts. news flash -- those aren't in anymore. and tank tops without undergarments -- never appropriate for ANY occasion. let's be honest, a size 14 will never fit into a size 4, not even at the fair.

second, being...where do some of these people come from? do they live here in dallas and i just don't notice? or do they just come out for the month?

also, let me speak again on the subject of texas weather. why must i continue to wear a short-sleeve t-shirt and still sweat in the middle of october? when i have dreams of going to "the fair," i envision wearing jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt and being just the slightest bit on the chilly side. but no such luck tonight. i heard about our *cool front* and thought "surely, tonight's the night." such luck. (big sigh) i would also like to congratulate myself on being overprepared for our first official *family outing.* this included jackets, bottles of water, camera, multiple diapers in 2 different sizes, an entire box of wipes, AND the kitchen sink.

if anyone is on a diet, the night you go to the fair should be the night you *cheat.* i mean, i look forward to the fair for 3 reasons: corndogs, nachos with jalapeƱos, and cotton candy. am i 31 or 10? i LOVE it! i don't feel so good afterwards, but the happiness i find in licking the nacho cheese off my fingers is indescribable.

funny henry moment: when we got into the main part of the fair, henry spotted big tex and said, "oooh...mommy, it's a really big woody!" i love this kid.

we went with the pattisons, and i'm telling you -- my kid digs their kid. andrew, you are one fun little man. and my hats off to you for riding the train. henry rode a couple of rides. the kid has NO FEAR. it's crazy. he was showing interest in riding the teacups, but i made up some lame parental excuse so that i didn't have to deal with post-teacup vomit. (and let's face it -- those 6 coupons had dr. pepper written all over them. sorry, henry.)

greta was a champ as usual. the girl is too much fun! she just kind of always goes along with the plan. sometimes, she's not as happy as usual, but doesn't put up much of a stink. i tried to feed her in the handicap stall of the state fair restroom, but she wouldn't have it. she's kind of a meal location snob, if you will.

fun was had by all, and henry managed to get to sleep in a matter of minutes tonight, which was pure bliss for mom and dad. i fed greta when we got home, and i swear i heard her whisper, "mom, i love my jammies."

tomorrow is attempt #2 at school. pray for good stools.

here are some pictures of the evening.

henry in awe of big woody, and greta just hanging out

henry reading the map to us (and no, i don't wear a hat EVERY day, i promise)

andrew wondering what in the world henry is talking about

henry on the airplane (that actually went much higher and faster than he thought it would)