Sunday, October 08, 2006

wearing black for mourning

well, sad weekend around the wisner household. wearing crimson and cream on friday and saturday didn't do enough good.

university of texas 28, OU 10

let's take a moment....

poor sooners.

my *buddy* amy had a great time and got to celebrate. amy, my hats off to you and your team.

with last week being fall break, we got creative. henry would tell you that creative is a relative term around here. we went to the galleria to play on thursday with our buddies, bitsy and andrew. and friday we went to stonebriar to play with our friends, sarah and kaleb. both days were blessed with the *lift and lay.* (a phrase coined by my insightful husband meaning that henry stayed asleep in the midst of the transfer from the car to the couch or other place of sleep.) praise jesus! friday, he got to wake up to the arrival of not only his speech therapist but nana and papa. it was very important to big h that nana and papa watch 'buz, woody, and horsey' (toy story 2) with him. upon completion of the greatest movie of all time, according to my almost 3-year-old, we got to have dinner out at on the border. greta came too and really enjoyed herself. (i'm smiling right now.) fun was had by all. saturday was a great wisner family day. lots of playing outside and napping (done mostly by greta) and just having a lot of fun together. and hold on to your seats...brad and i had a DATE saturday night! we put both kids down (did i just say both kids? that's still a lot for me to grasp.) and headed for la madeleine for a sit-down dinner with NO RUSH. we hardly knew what to talk about. i wore a necklace that never got pulled on. i brought a purse that had no diapers or wipes or thomas trains in it. then, we headed to the dollar theater to see the devil wears prada. yes, my sweet husband agreed to go with me. c'mon, it was a buck combined with free babysitting. can't beat it. so fun to hold my husband's hand and feel young and hip again. yes...i feel as though i've lost my "hipness." (another blog)

good day today and great weekend but feeling the sunday night blues coming on. and oh, the chore of the grocery store is upon me again. (big sigh) i was not meant for the kitchen. just the thought of the grocery store or even thinking of what to make or actually preparing the meal. ugh.

finally, congrats to kerrie on the birth (and smooth delivery) of little braden patrick keith!


Aunt Biscuithead/ Bitsy said...

I love knowing you dread the grocery store as much as I do... makes me feel more normal...oh the pressure to come up with a meal, gather the ingredients, and then cook it. Uh, I am already tired just discussing it.

Franklin5 said...

Thanks for the nice words, sweet Sooner. It was a weird weekend for football. (Paging Auburn. Auburn, please report to the field.) And heck, a weird season, too... we're still wearing our own tattered black armbands after that nasty loss to Ohio State. Hope y'all win out the rest of the season!

Can I just copy and paste your paragraph about Sunday night blues and the grocery store gauntlet? Hi, my name is Amy; I'm a flunky homemaker who excels at calling in to-go orders when the task of preparing dinner is just too much to handle. Which is every night, lately. Time to dust off the crock-pot...

Hope y'all have a good week!