Sunday, October 01, 2006

thank you, jesus


tucking big h in tonight. we began the talking to jesus process...

dear jesus,
thank you for this day and all the fun we had.
thank you for all of our meals that you provided for us.
thank you for keeping us healthy.
thank you for the wonderful weekend.
and now begins henry's part...
uh-shoo (thank you) for mommy (deep down, i am pumped that i was named first) :)
uh-shoo for daddy
and ah-nee (henry)
and gree-ya (greta)
and papa
and gree-ya (no doubt greta appreciated that in her sleep)
and sand
wait...what? SAND???
and elbows
wait again...what? ELBOWS?
and the kid was dead serious. what a beautiful picture of what God wants from us. He wants us to be grateful for the things that He gives us. and henry was just that. grateful for the sand he played in today, and for some reason, really thankful tonight for his elbows. love that kid.

and as for greta, she came with me to get subway sandwiches tonight. she doesn't do a whole lot yet. :) and bless her heart, henry went to kiss her good night tonight, and he managed to get SO MUCH chocolate chip cookie all over her face. if she could only speak...

brad is leading his mighty baylor bears to a championship tonight, i'm sure. (his little land of make believe.) i just finished a real nice dr pepper. hit the spot. perfect way to end the day.


gramma wiz said...

We can learn alot from our little pumpkin, starting with making our mommie so happy by loving her first :) and loving the things God gives us (like sand) and our health (like elbows that work) he is brilliant!!!! (and adorable)

Gretas first taste of chocolate has already started. What a day.

Hope Brad and the Bears were successful. The game was way after my bedtime.