Friday, October 27, 2006

lots on my mind. nothing really worthy of blogging.

today started off great. big h and i laid in my bed together this morning. we slept for a little while, and then we watched some little einsteins. got the goo up and fed her. and i proceeded to begin the leaving the house process. and oh, what a process it is. whew! (big sigh) i don't know what it is about changing clothes (into or out of jammies) that is so difficult for an almost 3-year-old. but oh my goodness. for the love of all that's good, put on your freaking clothes. we were late, of course, which i HATE. and of all days, it was friday -- the day we get to play with amy and wes. it's amy and wes. do i need any more motivation to get in the car? so after i got a *tad* upset about the fact that he physically wouldn't let me put his clothes on, deep breath, we needed to pray. "henry, should we talk to Jesus?" and in the whiniest voice, a response came from this little person, "yes mommy." so we prayed for patience for mommy. that mommy would be a sweet mommy and love henry in the best way possible. we also prayed for sweet henry. that he would obey and learn to do what's right and have a good attitude. so after that, amazingly, he let me put his clothes on and we got in the car. greta goo was, of course, already waiting for us. what i would give to know what she's thinking about when she's in the car by herself waiting for us. :) henry and i had a talk on the way there about how his actions weren't sweet and that we were being selfish by being late. blah, blah, blah. trust me -- there were plenty of other things i thought about saying. but i think we did the right thing.

fun was had by all at "gymdandies." wes was the star of the show by doing his dance to "motor boat, motor boat..." henry *read* his gymdandies workbook the entire song time. and then poor bff. her car didn't start, so this super nice guy who must have been MAYBE 17 had jumper cables in his car and offered to jump it for her. all of the men out there will be so proud -- somehow i found the lever on her car to lift up her hood. give it up for janet. i felt like such a hoss. sad for us -- no lunch with amy and wes. :( bff...hope all went well and that you arrived home safely.

we got our usual friday gourmet lunch of taco bell "chips and cheese." we ate while watching the thomas movie, or "moomie" as henry calls it. when it was over, the goo went to rest comfortably in her bed, and i began my afternoon voyage to nighty night land, and i prayed big h would join me. he did. but naps are a tough call in our house. if he doesn't take one, the day feels SO LONG, but he goes to sleep at night in approximately 4.6 seconds. it's marvelous. however, if he does take one, it's usually really long, and he wakes up in possibly the WORST mood of anyone i know, and his going to sleep process at night is a lengthy one. tough call.

we made some fun out of our evening. i really needed to go get diapers, and i prefer to purchase them at sam's. so we turned it into a family outing. we went to sam's, bought our diapers, and had pizza at their little deli. we are really into fine dining these days.

both big h and the goo are down for the count. we wrapped party favors and some of henry's birthday presents. made a to-do list and a don't forget list (which my dad would LOVE to know). and now we're beginning to wind down. whew.

some funny things around our house. every so often, when we're on our way somewhere, i will ask henry where he wants to go. we have NEVER gone where he wants to go because it's usually pretty far out there. but i'm always just so curious what he's thinking about. so yesterday, i proceed to ask big h the age-old question, and his response had me doubled over. "so henry, where you wanna go today?" "hey mommy. i think we must go today to the um..the um...the grand canyon."

what? did my almost 3-year-old just tell me he wanted to go to the grand canyon?

what in the world?

i just laughed, and so did he.

and lately, we've been asking him what he wants to be for halloween. we know full well that he will refuse to wear any form of costume. so it's more just a fun question. he has wanted to be buzz lightyear about 85% of the time. after the pumpkin patch, he changed his mind and said he wanted to be a pumpkin (pong-kin). we've had several more responses to the question. normal ones. a cowboy. a football player. thomas. (shocker) my favorite, BY FAR, came yesterday when his response to the question was, "um...i think i'm going to be a trumpet."

what? you want to be a trumpet for halloween?

that's what he said. now, if i had any confidence that my kid would actually dress up for halloween, i would be UP A CREEK. lucky for me, he will wear a t-shirt and jeans and his shoes on halloween (school and that night). so i'm safe.

big moment for us. yesterday was big h's ECI (early childhood intervention) graduation party. miss kay-yen (karen) and ashee (ashley) came bearing gifts and cupcakes. couldn't beat that. the goo stayed for part of the party but then retreated to her bedroom for some quiet time. they gave him some play food, which he was tickled with. and he (I) gave them a car survival kit because they are in their cars all day. hats off to karen (his early intervention specialist) and ashley (his speech therapist). we will miss you! here is a picture of the occasion. ashley on the left and karen on the right. and you'll notice that henry refused to smile. he refuses ANYTHING that wasn't his idea.

had dinner with weentrab and my new pal amy on wednesday at one of my new favorite restaurants. super fun and SUPER chaotic. praise the Lord i didn't bring big h. it would've been madness. amy brought her 4-year-old carter and her almost 2-year-old twins, spencer and katie. and weentrab had her 4-year-old sam and her 2-year-old (as of tomorrow) ben. it was nuts but SO MUCH FUN! the goo joined me, and she really just doesn't like the time between 5-8. she is a crying maniac. i try to pretend she's not, but she is. let's face it. and poor amy lost her keys. thankfully, one of the employees found them in only the most logical of places, the jelly container. bless her heart. she handled it with grace. i, on the other hand, can say with confidence that i would have been a MESS. kudos to you, amy.

speaking of greta, is it possible that she could be teething? anyone know? yikes! she is drooling like a maniac, and nursing has become less than pleasant these days. is she really getting older? i think that's going to make me sad to think of her going through a new stage. :(

and i will end on a positive note. have i mentioned how much i LOVE my cute husband? he has been getting so excited about henry's little birthday party and buying little cake toppers (don't need -- we're having cupcakes) and games (pin the #1 on the thomas, which we also don't need because we're having it at a park and it will fly away). but he is the cutest. he loves that little guy so much, and the feeling is SO MUTUAL. before we had children, i wasn't sure how i would ever love him more. and then, i fell in love with someone else -- henry and greta's daddy. what an incredible father he is. he is so devoted to us.

brad, we love you! thank you!

nighty night all...