Thursday, November 13, 2008

two posts in one day


tomorrow night? friday night? big h is having a friend over. and not just to play after school.

sleep over.

oh. my. word.

i could swear to you -- i just heard big h ask me if he could borrow the keys to my car.

i'm thinking that putting him in a pull-up is mandatory. yes? :) can't think of anything that would ruin the mood more than waking up to a wet spot in your friend's bed.

this is a little boy that big h has known for more than half of his life. longer than he has known goo. they started at the same preschool for MDO FOUR years ago. they have been in the same class every year. sweet, sweet kid. so he knows him pretty well. and he has a little sister a couple of months younger than goo. so the mom and i have gotten to know each other.

but i can't tell you all of the thoughts that have been running through my head.

will he sleep in the same bed with big h? will he sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor? will he fall asleep faster than big h? will that weird big h out? will big h want to cuddle with him? will they ever actually go to sleep? will his mom end up coming to get him at 930? will he want to come and get in our bed at 4am too? what will goo think?

this is way new.

but big h has been asking for weeks now. i finally bit the bullet and called his mom. and she said, "are you sure you guys are up for it?"

buz and i? we're risk takers. sure, we're up for it.

(kidding on the whole risk-taking thing.) :)

so milestone #671 will occur tomorrow night at home of the wisners. pray. pray for big h. that he doesn't weird out with his friend over. pray for his friend. that he has a good time here. pray for goo. that she'll be able to fall asleep with all the fun happening. and really, pray for buz and me. that we don't literally age overnight.


Aimee said...

What fun! I'm sure Big H will have a great time and so will his friend. And Goo. And you and Buz.

Colored With Memories said...

that you don't age it!

i was wondering what age the sleepovers would begin...i can't wait for a detailed report!

Jenna said...

Oh how fun!

Um, Big H also wanted me to ask you if it would be ok if I came over to spend the night, too. Just think on it and give my mama a call later. :)

Anonymous said...

wow - major milestone. have fun!! we'll be thinking of you and praying that you won't have to drive anyone home in the middle of the night!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Inaugural events like that make you stop and notice things don't they. I do the same thing when The Bean hits something new! I hope it all goes well!

Alana said...

How'd it go???