Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buzz unplugged

Some random thoughts about my last three days playing Mr. Mom...

Each morning after I drop Lil Man off at school, and I drag Goo away kicking and screaming I can hear a the teachers whisper in the hallway...DEAD MAN WALKIN'

My kids now say “boo” to each other as way to say good morning.

Lil Man told me he loved me and always will so that I never have a broken heart

When Goo doesn’t want me to take something from her she’ll say “ No daddy…I hode it”

Goo uses Ah as a subsititute for every pronoun
“Ah tis” here it is
“Ah boots” that’s boots
“Ah tur daddy” your turn daddy
“Ah pez” more wonderpets please
“Ah pink” I would like the pink please…no the other pink idiot

When I tell goo "it’s time to change your poop" she says “no daddy, ah tummy”?
Am I to assume she is telling me the smell is just gas?

When we got home from school today Goo and I played outside while Lil Man went inside. Goo is fascinated by the standing water in the sandbox which she calls mud. I rolled up her sleeves and she spent 20 minutes trying to get the water from her shovel to her little bucket without it falling out.

Goo has found the joy of hiding in the bathroom behind the shower curtain.

Little man is always hungry.

We had spider man mac n cheese tonight. Lil man was sad I had already put the noodles in but he got to add the cheese and butter.

Last night he wanted to wear his incredible jammies so he could be a super hero like goo (since she was wearing her superman)

Mysteriously, he woke up in car jammies this morning. Apparently mr incredible isn’t fully potty trained yet either.



Jenna said...

Buz, you are the man.

And you kids are, well, the kids. But they are too awesome for words.

LOVED this.

Aimee said...

Ah Buz, ya done good! Keep it up. Janny and the kids are lovin' you for it.

Courtney said...

Loved this post!! It is great to hear things from a Daddy's perspective. My favorite was the pronoun cute.

Kelly from Montana said...

you are doing great! thanks for letting mommy get away. she is missing you all more than you know!

Melissa said...

You sound like a great Mr. Mom.
It sounds like Goo's getting quite a good vocabulary... I'm sure the pronouns will come eventually!

Alana said...

Sounds like you're hanging in there "dead man". You're a good man!