Tuesday, November 18, 2008



the humble pie the Lord served me today was almost too much to swallow.

i got to california yesterday. met my roommate at the airport. she is awesome. loves the Lord. awesome. we had a great day getting to know each other. we went to a mixer last night to meet all of the (40) girls who are here for this workshop.

i love mixers.

actually, no. i don't

(note the sarcasm.)

but i did fine. way to go, janet.

this morning, we had class. lots of class. then, lunch. and then we were to break up into groups to shoot the various models assigned to us.

so i'm shooting. feeling confused. but ready to keep learning. after all, that's why i'm here.

i'm doing more shooting. and more shooting.

and chink. chink. kunk. kunk.

these are NOT good sounds coming out of one's camera. NOT GOOD SOUNDS.

and then. my camera stopped working.

let me repeat myself.


so...cool. alright. i'm at a photography workshop without a camera.

talked to one of the instructors. we spent some time together. she said it didn't look too good.

she walked me back to my swanky hotel. i talked to the "whatever, whenever" rep about whether or not there was a camera store anywhere around here.

she arranged for a driver to take me to the one DOWN. THE. STREET.

i went in. and immediately burst into tears. i couldn't help it.

three unbelievably nice guys helped me. first, by asking me what year i was in college.

thank you. i'm 33. you are such a dear.

and they looked and looked. and then said, "time of death...4:30PM."

i called my parents. (totally by God's grace, i wasn't able to reach buz. i was afraid i would've totally lost it had i heard his sweet voice. course, i lost it when i heard my parents' sweet voices.)

so basically, he sold me a very basic display model camera for not much. at all. to get me through this week. i will decide where to go from here once i get home.

but my roommate was awesome, asking what she could do. and the instructor who originally talked to me about has continued to ask.

but God is good. i'm pressing on. i refuse to let this get the best of me. i am here for a reason. i know i am.

the hotel is awesome. i am surrounded by unbelievable talent. and some women of God. that part, i really love.

so tonight, i am heading up to the lounge with my (buz's) laptop to try to learn the bulk of what i missed this afternoon.

this is just a bump in the road. a big bump. but just a bump.

and i know my kiddos are being loved on by their daddy which makes all of this easier to take.

kelly, i love you. thanks for talking me down. :)

buz, i literally can't imagine my life without you.


Marina said...

Babe- you could take awesome pictures with a $5 disposable camera. You got talent so try not let this roadblock set you back:)

Aimee said...

That stinks, but you'll do great anyways! And think, maybe this way you'll end up getting some awesome new camera for Christmas!

chrys said...

oh, sweet friend!!! praying right now. i know you're disappointed.


Kelly from Montana said...

I love you, buddy! God is good! The camera is just part of the deal. Mine won't take pictures on it's own and it takes better ones when you use it! You've got talent girl - go learn some more to share your gifts with us all!

Casey said...

oh my, jan--sending prayers your way :) just remember, it's not ALL about the camera--I'm confident you'd do brilliant work with my canon elph! enjoy the rest of the week, my friend--can't wait to see what you come away with :)

j.ro said...

i agree with marina and kelly :o)

thinking of you...!

Marino said...

Everybody has already said it best...but, I love you sweet friend and know you will still learn a ton and do amazing things! Can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

Courtney said...

Girl. If anyone can handle this "bump in the road" I am confident it is you!! Just soak it all in, whatever kind of camera you have in your hand to shoot with. Focus on seizing the moment and enjoying your time. You deserve it!! Praying for the rest of your week!

Jenna said...

Oh my. Oh my my. The whole time I was reading I was saying. No. No. NOOOO. (Except for the college reference - then I said, OH YES YOU GO JANET!).

I am SO sorry that happened. But I agree with all these other sweet peeps - your talent overrides all technical difficulites. I cannot WAIT to see how the Lord uses this experience. (And by that I mean I can't wait to see the RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME pictures you take at my wedding one day). :)

Love you girl! HAVE FUN!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Janet! I'm sorry! Soak up all you can and apply it to whatever camera you end up with when you come home. I know you'll still got tons out of the workshop.

wads and bob said...

Oh no! But I second (or 3rd or 4th) what the others have said...nothing (including a potentially inferior camera) is holdin' you back, baby! :) You are the best!

Alana said...

You poor, poor thing. Seriously. I'm so sorry about the camera! I do look forward to hearing how the rest of the trip went, though.