Thursday, November 13, 2008

i'm doing it

i'm taking a big plunge. into uncharted territory. for me, at least.

this monday, i leave for san diego, california. for a photography workshop. like, a real one.

(and save your comments about me being a jet setting stay-at-home mom. i have gotten plenty of those from my spouse.)

i am nervous. i am anxious.

i will try and spare you the story of how things have gotten to this point. in a nutshell. took a darkroom developing class with a friend. she went hard core successful. she's amazing like that. i've watched from afar. with awe. but have wanted to be more. more confidence. more satisfaction. more. and to be honest, i think she's wanted more for me too. she has been the all-encompassing friend/mentor. she has helped me with everything. and when i say, i mean everything. like frantic phone calls about my "work" not looking right. and her response always being, "oh no big deal. we'll just fix it for you." and her other comments? basically can be summarized by "dude. you rocked that. seriously. you rocked it."

weentrab, i heart you so much. i love you for the photographer you are. but i love you even more for the friend you are to me. roots and now wings, right? :)

anyway. in APRIL. i took that next step. i got a call one saturday night. the four of us were having dinner. we normally don't answer the phone during dinner. but for some reason, buz answered. well, not for "some" reason. for a Jesus moment. it was one of the photographers putting on the workshop. she wanted to know if i would be interested.

um. duh.

luckily, that's NOT what i said. but it was close. don't think it's not what i wanted to say.

i knew it would be a stretch for buz and me financially. but we both felt like the Lord was making the decision for us.

easy enough.

so since APRIL. i have had time to be nervous. anxious. afraid.

all those warm fuzzies.

but i've been clinging to the comforting peace. i have officially breathed a sigh of relief. i feel like i can hear Him whisper, "it's going to be great. be still. know that I am God."

ok. well then. that's it.

so, now i'm packing. staying in a fancy hotel. gonna kick it roommate-style with a fun, new friend (who probably isn't it aware that i just used the phrase "kick it roommate-style -- bless her heart). preparing to learn from four unbelievable photographers from different parts of the country. and leaving my "duties" back home to my freakin' RAD buz and my parents.

so because i'm clearly so frequent in posting lately (tongue in cheek), i just wanted you to know that i'll be gone for a while. honing in on my mad skillz.

or whatever.

(and if someone can tell me WHAT IN THE HECK is up with the formatting and why my post is double-spaced? well, that would be great.)


chrys said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i am SO EXCITED for you! this is really big news! i can't wait to hear all about it and see all your new skillz show up all over the place. i think you're amazingly talented. and pretty rad yourself.

have FUN!


Melissa said...

Ooooh have fun! San Diego (my hometown, woohoo) is gorgeous right now. The conference sounds like a great opportunity. If you get time, go take pictures at Balboa Park. I have seen so many amazing pictures taken there.

Just started reading your blog, btw. It's great!

Aimee said...

Janet - I am so excited for you. I know you will have a great time. Maybe you can practice your mad skills by taking some pics for me sometime!

Sincerely, I am so proud of you. I know that sounds a bit condescending and cheesy, but I mean it. You are so talented and I'm honored to watch you growing into the person you are meant to be.

R said...

it's such a neat thing when God gives us moms a chance to hone our "outside-of-motherhood" passions too! i'm happy for you, janet. have a blast!

Life In Progress said...

This is so fantastic! You are already an amazing photographer - truly, I adore every photo you post. I can't wait to see all the new stuff you learn.

Enjoy San Diego - it's a shame they had to hold the workshop in such a lame, boring city. There will be, like, no beauty to behold.


Anonymous said...

Go for it, Girl! Enjoy every second!

Courtney said... you better hang at Starbucks for like at least 5 minutes tomorrow and give me the details on this. Awesome!!!

Colored With Memories said...

oh, that's awesome! have a wonderful time perfecting your already amazing skills!

Anonymous said...

rock on with your "jet setting, professional, working mom, got a sleep-over tonight, then a shoot in the morning, then off to san diego for a conference" self!!!!!! so cool. have THE best time and under no circumstances are you to say, "kick it roommate-style" out loud. especially to your roommate. MWAH! said...

janet!! next time you go to a conference you must let me know (preferably more than a day beforehand) so that maybe, you never know, we could go together. san diego sounds like a great getaway :o) besides you were my first photography inspiration.

can't wait to here all about it!
and what's the conference name?

Alana said...

Well, it's about time! Seriously, you are one talented photographer...can't wait to see what God has in store for you in this area!

Casey said...

so cool, jan :) i can't wait to hear about what you come back with. what an amazing opportunity for a super-talented photographer :) wooo-hooo! have a fantastic week!!