Saturday, November 01, 2008

the obligatory halloween post

so, i guess there's an unwritten rule that says when you have children, you have to post pictures of them in their halloween costumes. and of course, how darling they are.

and so, i am here to do just that.

see? darling.

big h as bumble bee, the yellow transformer. and goo, as a fairy bag lady of sorts.

we went to a carnival that a VERY LARGE church here hosts every year. here is big h riding in a parachute ride. couldn't believe he did it.

even more, the fearless wonder did it. almost fell out of the harness because she wasn't big enough. after that, she was done with "rides." (clearly, she was SO done with her costume.)

the fam enjoying some refreshments.

don't mind goo, who inhaled an entire polish sausage, including the bread. she's so dainty.

and that concludes the wisner halloween extravaganza.


aimee said...

They are cute! And yes, you must post pictures of them. (THANKS!) It sounds (and looks) like you all had a great time!

Alana said...

I was a rebel last year and didn't do it (post Halloween pictures), I'm going to do it this year, though...if I can ever get them downloaded! Looks like such a fun night!

Jenna said...

Your kids are rockstars, all day everyday. Halloween is no different!!!!

Loved all the pics! Thank you for being an (unwritten) law-abiding blog citizen. :)

Colored With Memories said...

poor thing, did goo wet the sidewalk in all the excitement?

R said...

OH MY! I'm still cracking up at Kerry's comment!!

Anyway, AHEM. what cute kids! i think next year we're going to go the church festival route. we unfortunately don't have any as big as that church's though. one of the many reasons we miss that area!

i know what you mean about the costumes...M was a cowgirl but had shucked the majority of her accessories by our second stop!

Life In Progress said...

You saw I quoted you right? You totally hit the nail on the head.

LOVE the rain boots with goo's costume. Such a perfect touch.

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