Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy birthday, little man

my sweet big h.

well, first. rest assured i won't repeat your birth story today. but please know that i really want to. like, really badly. i had no idea that i would join that club of women that tells their child their labor story every year on their child's birthday. but i joined that club at 639am on thursday, october 30, 2003.

big h. this year has been an incredible one. you have grown up so much. i can hardly believe it.

you love having our babysitter, J, over. you guys play the Wii together. i looked at my calendar, and i realized that you NEVER saw dr. g this year. never. as in, not once. you've still got your tubes in your ears. three years running. unheard of. actually, we're headed to see dr. m in about two weeks. if they're still in, we'll have to get them surgically removed. bummer. but wow -- we owe SO MUCH to those tiny, little miracles.

you played t-ball for the first time this year. your first organized sport. you didn't love it. but you learned to have an amazing attitude about it. your last game, your coach put on the "pitcher's mound." you went after every ball. and decided that you loved "baseball." last game of the year. figures.

you took swimming lessons for four straight weeks this summer. and big h. you did it. you went under the water. and really swam. you're not training for the Olympics or anything, but i can't tell you how my head swelled with pride for you. you overcame such a big fear.

you started your last year of preschool this year. excuse me while i get a kleenex. and you go everyday. you are such a big kid. you LOVE preschool. you have ten boys and five girls in your class. your obedience this year has surprised me so much. you have always had a love for all things structure. but the way that has started to manifest itself has blown me away. you love rules and crave obedience. you get really concerned when others don't. you're realizing that life/school is easier, more fun, and operates much smoother when kids/people obey the rules and do what they're told. apparently, there is a student in your class who frequently disobeys the rules and this bothers you so much and makes you so sad. you get your feelings hurt when people aren't nice to people you care about. every morning on the way to school, you and i talk to Jesus. i go first (at your request). you chime in sometimes and sometimes you wait until i'm finished. and the one thing you pray about every morning is that this specific student would make good choices. and then we let goo say amen. that's her favorite part.

speaking of goo. big h, you are, by far, the most wonderful big brother. sure, you don't let her play with your playmobils or legos or diego zipline or your computer reading games. BUT you let her pick the show you watch together. every time. even if it's a "girl show" or a "baby show." and you can't stop cuddling with her. and the things you say to her on a daily basis? make my heart melt. "goo, you're learning so many new words. great job, goo!"

and shows. just for posterity sake, the shows you watch are word world (but they don't have new episodes very often), wonder pets, max and ruby, wow wow wubbzy, and imagination movers. (for the record, mama cannot STAND imagination movers.)

you still sleep pretty good. you doddle a little more at bedtime, but dad and i are working hard on that. really, really hard. and a HUGE milestone for you. last night, you slept with only your lamp on. you have been sleeping at night with the overhead light on. i know...the people reading this are picking their jaws up off the floor. it's true. luckily, we've gotten away with the lowest wattage possible. but still. the overhead light, dude. so you decided (on your own) that there were several things you were going to do when you turned five. one was to sleep with only a lamp. and you did it. rock on, superstar. the other two things were to put more toothpaste on your toothbrush and get a real massage. yes, i'm serious. you want a chair massage at a mall. we promised that for your birthday. and we will come through.

when you get up in the morning, you come in our room. dad's already left for work. (dad's a morning person just like you. goo and i don't get that. at all.) you put your iceberg toes on my legs, and i love it. if it's before 7, you have to be quiet. i know, i have it made. we usually watch a show together. usually imagination movers. that sound you hear every morning? it's me sighing because of that show. but i wouldn't trade those thirty minutes for anything.

some days, goo gets up about the same time and you cannot wait for me to go get her. if it's early enough, i put her in my bed with us, and the three of us snuggle. but usually she doesn't get up until we're ready to leave for school.

you are totally self-sufficient in so many areas. putting your clothes on. brushing your teeth. putting your own ear plugs in at bath time. picking out what you want for breakfast.

you still love to take something with us in the car when we go somewhere. usually a lego vehicle that daddy has made you. (by the way, you have commented that i make awesome lego spaceships. just wanted that documented.)

you don't take a nap anymore, which is actually nice. when goo does, you do a great job doing quiet activities (playing computer reading games, playing legos, etc.).

as far as eating, i'll say it. you're picky. you love milk, chicken, turkey dogs, juice, couscous, pizza, any form of cracker, just discovered popsicles this summer, gummy fruit snacks, carrots, corn on the cob, and PASTA. oh how you love pasta. you can live on any kind of pasta (given that it is void of any "red or green things"). you don't like soda, and you're cautious when it comes to candy. ?? you like tootsie rolls (and call them tipsy rolls) and flavored tootsie rolls, cake and cupcakes, nerds (yes, the little sour crunchy candy), and you don't really like ice cream. crazy. you're like your mama. not into sweets but could eat your weight in a bag of nacho cheese doritos.

big h, so much has changed since you were born. you're an easy kid. (NEVER did i think i would say that.) you adore your family and friends. your conversations are incredible. three of your teachers (music, Spanish, and movement) have told me that you are the only kid who dances and sings at the top of his lungs in class. and that you are a joy to have around. you are absolutely delightful. i really feel like you're going to be a leader. you came home from school one day telling me "mama, i think i set a good example for someone today."

we went to pick you up from church one sunday, and you had a toy. i know they don't give out toys at church. you said you got it for learning your memory verse. "nothing can separate me from God's love." there is nothing sweeter to my ears that hearing you hide His Word in your heart.

you love your dad. you cherish the moment you hear the garage door open.

your hair is an amazing color. women have told me that they would pay money if "that" was sold in a bottle.

you love letters and numbers. your favorite number is one million. :) you love noticing letters that are lowercase. and you love when we go to CVS together because you tell me that you can read the sign. :)

this year, you are having your birthday party at a bounce house, which is funny because you have never seemed to enjoy them. oh well. and it is a batman theme. you love batman lately because he "depeats the bad guys." you are so into superheroes. you love to dress up. you'll be bumble bee the yellow transformer for halloween. you've never seen him before but you saw him at wal-mart one day and you love transformers. goo's going to be cinderella (aka "blue mama").

(and for the record, i am really sad. you are starting to say more and more words correctly. like you say "Four" and "Five" instead of pour and pive. i still get to hear you say your L's as Y's (i.e. i yuv you). but because i am proud of myself because i've really been teaching you the correct way to pronounce the words you aren't pronouncing correctly. even though it means i get to hear them less and less. i will miss your "speak." i love it. but i know that it needs to change as you get older.)

you and i started grocery shopping together once every two weeks at night. you are such a wonderful companion.

big h, i can't believe that five years ago, i heard, "it's a boy." i was so elated. and i proceeded to sleep for six straight hours. i was pooped. (here is where i am restraining myself from telling your birth story.) we have had a tough time over the years, you and i . but to my amazement, we have grown together and formed a beautiful bond. remind me to thank those who assured me that life would eventually get better (my two mentors at church, dr. g, all of the ECI crew, and your dad--even though i think he was as unsure as i was).

you are such a sensitive little boy. (hmmm...wonder where you got that. dad.) you are an absolute joy to be around, little man. i love you with all of my being. i am truly honored that God chose me to be your mama. i pray that daddy and i continue to work hard pointing you to your Heavenly Father.

thank you for blessing my life, HPW.

happy birthday, big h from janet wisner on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

you just had to use the forrest gump music. now I'm crying.

but seriously, sweet pictures and such a sweet boy you've got there mama!!

happy bday big H!!

Courtney said...

Great Video! What a great collection of memories. I love when parents take the time to do such special and meaningful things for their kids.

chrys said...

okay, i'm crying and i haven't even watched the video b/c i can't get it to work. (i just see the little vimeo fan blades spinning around. am i doing something wrong? i tried explorer, too.)

i promise to come back, though, so i can get my full-blown, blubbering ugly cry on.

happy birthday, precious h. you are so loved.


Big Mama said...

Awww! Happy Birthday Big H. You're the coolest.

And if you ever need a superhero friend, I know a Wonder Woman who would love to hang.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What a great tribute!

PS. Ear tubes are definitely a gift from God!

R said...

absolute word candy! perfect for Halloween. i wish i'd do the same for my girls. all my thoughts are stored away in my head.

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Aimee said...

Happy Birthday, Big H!

This is so sweet. I can't get the video to work, but it still makes me all teary.

Marino said...

Happy Birthday Big H!!! Okay, I am totally the sweet, precious little man he has become and will continue to did good Mama!

Marina said...

Love the video- weird I can picture you 3 praying to jesus in the car too cute for words- and also I think I can guess the mr mischief of the preschool class:)

Colored With Memories said...

new header. precious.

vimeo. precious.

the whole tribute. precious.

one question: i have never heard of having to get tubes pulled out. our ENT is Dr. M too...wonder if it is the same guy?

Alana said...

He's a very cool kid, no doubt. Loved your letter to him...hope he had a wonderful birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

i love when you do this. it's such a wonderful tribute to both big h and the last year together as a family. and as usual, LOVED seeing your beautiful pictures.

wow wow wubzy... 5.

Anonymous said...


Your header is PRECIOUS!