Saturday, October 04, 2008

i would like to admit to dorkiness right now

i can't believe i'm comfortable doing this. it's probably all the medication.

i am in bed with buz's laptop. checking blogs. checking ebay. checking the weather channel and smiling that it will only be in the low 80s most of the week. making my christmas list.

and buz is happily reading his JCAHO manual.

i did it. i laid it out there for all to read.

we are geeks. and totally ok with it.

yesterday, i didn't feel so good. nothing big. just a little hoarse. kind of sexy, really.

had donuts with my little people. dropped them off at school. had one more teacher (the Spanish teacher) tell me that she loved that big h was the only one in her class who sings all the songs with all the words at the top of his lungs. makin' a mama proud. i heart my musical-lovin' little man.

ran errands. lots of them. and was alone for a long time. didn't really accomplish much. but didn't really care. just was glad to refresh my soul.

ate some ice cream after school. then off to a playground. dinner at chick-fil-a. baths and bedtime. buz played playstation. and i went to bed.

woke up with NO VOICE. whatsoever. those of you who don't know me? um, just know that not having a voice is like not having a limb. i love to talk. sometimes surprisingly i don't even have anything to say. i just like to get my words in. big h said i had a frog jumping around in my "froat." goo just kept staring at me. like "yeah, hi. where is my mama? what have you done with her?"

i went out to photograph a former co-worker and her ultra cute family. headed home. and here is what happened the rest of the day...

lunch was made and eaten. brownies were made and eaten. naps were taken. there was playing outside. boz was watched. cinderella was watched. dinner was made and eaten. baths were taken. and children were put to bed.

i say all of that in third person. because i took part in not much of what happened today. well, maybe the nap part.

i was a worthless member of the family today. buz, however, was king of the ranch. or the house, in our case. dude did EVERYTHING today. and the times i did try to engage? well, nothing happened. because remember? have no voice.

totally praying that it comes back tomorrow. course, i bet the couple in front of me at church isn't necessarily praying the same thing.

(don't think i didn't consider recording it on camera for you to hear.)

so tonight. i'm off to take my concoction of mucinex and tylenol cold nighttime. ahhh...the joys of a blog. a place where you can feel comfortable to tell of your illness woes.

see, aren't you glad you stopped by?


chrys said...

feel better! and REST! praying for you right now.


R said...

i totally love reading about everyone's day-to-day! keep it coming, no matter how dorky you think it is. betcha most of us aren't too much more exciting! haha

feel better soon! being under the weather is the worst when you're a mama!

Kim said...

The dreaded laryngitis. I know it well. It has visited me several times in the past few years. Makes corralling little ones so much easier...I'm sure you know I'm being sarcastic here.

Rest. Don't talk. Feel better soon. I know your pain!

Jenna said...

"i just like to get my words in."

our hearts, they are one. hope you feel better and get those frogs out of your froat real soon!!

Anonymous said...

hope your voice comes back really soon!!!

Squawkfox said...

Froggies fail to be fun. But rest assured, I don't see you as "dorky". Hope you feel better soon! :D

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are so right about the date night! We're trying to plan one that isn't furniture shopping and loot for The Bean. Right now, the symphony is a strong contender! We'll see what happens!

Courtney said...

What a great husband to take over and get things done when you are under the weather. High five, Buz!

Colored With Memories said...

you poor thing. hope you are back to yourself soon.

i'm picturing the confused look on Goo's face.

and that buz? a catch indeed.

windyday said...

Hey I wanted you to know that I tagged you on my blog. :) Hope your voice is returned very soon.

Kelly from Montana said...

no wonder you sounded so sexy on that phone message today...