Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wednesday february 25 2009

best part of my day? three-way tie. between 1) big h walking me through an ENTIRE lego instruction booklet. at 630am. in my bed. while i was half asleep. and he got to one page and said, "ok mama, i'm about to turn the page to the coolest thing you've ever seen. are you ready?" or 2) when i was waiting for him to put his legos in a sack so he wuoldn't lose them in his bed, and i was getting ready to tuck him in and give him kisses. he looked up at me while i was waiting and said, "mama. you look good today." or 3) buz cleaning the house. for no reason. just because. ummm, yeah.


Colored With Memories said...

you are going to be so glad you captured Big H's thoughts...that kid says the sweetest things!

R said...

kerry, what were you doing up at 4:51??

Kelly said...

I would like to give Buz a big hug for cleaning your house for no reason. That is awesome. AWESOME! And I would also like to hug Big H for being such a sweet boy. His mom and dad have taught him really, really well.