Friday, January 30, 2009

friday, january 30, 2009

wow. great day today. as if it could better, right? even my mom commented (to me) about my post yesterday. she doesn't know how to actually 'comment,' but she said i sounded happier yesterday than i have in a long time.

there are some days that it's like i have no idea how to tell the Lord how grateful i am for who He is in my life and what He's doing with and for me everyday. i'm surrounded by blessings. they are everywhere. all throughout my home. throughout my life. in buz's life. see? everywhere.

love it.

today? no exception.

it's friday. and i hate to disappoint you. but...donut friday didn't happen. i think it's maybe the fourth time in the history of, well, big h's LIFE that we haven't gone. but goo wasn't awake when she needed to be. so i decided that if big h didn't ask, i'd 'forget.' and it worked.

took them to school, and they were elated. goo kept telling me in the car on the way to school that "i happy! i pee peem and ar-may-yuh. give big hugs."

(translation. i am so happy. i am going to play with ms. pam and ms. carmela, her teachers. and i am going to give them big hugs.)

which is exactly what she did. walked, no RAN, right in, gave ms. pam a HUGE hug and then gave ms. carmela a HUGE hug.

side note: this is ATYPICAL.

they were delighted. goo was delighted. MOMMY was delighted.

then, i dropped big h off. which really just means i say, 'i love you, buddy. i hope you have a great day. see you at 2.' and i get a hug. in front of his friends.

i know.

and then i stand on the outside of the one-way mirror and watch goo play. and she was just beaming today. don't know why. just was.

i went home and walked/ran the neighborhood. bm, you would've been so proud of me. oh, it felt so good. how i have missed being by myself, outside, in the cold, listening to music, and connecting with Jesus in a way that can only be done outside, in the cold. you know? it was marvelous.

made me realize i need new running shoes.

buz, i need new running shoes. valentine's day?

came home and just did things that were fun for me. sat on the couch and looked through a couple of magazines. vacuumed my kids' rooms and the living room. played on the computer.

then, headed to target and just touched everything. i love to touch things at stores when i'm by myself. had myself a subway in honor of my pal. and then headed to get my little peanuts.

with the acquiring of my sweet little "zero bells and whistles" phone, i realized we didn't have a home charger anymore. but my friend bitsy said she had one from one of her older phones. i decided today was the day to go get it. i called and asked her if we could come over and play. i love inviting myself over to people's houses.

"sure, only if you bring me a dr. pepper."

consider it done, sister.

so we headed over to play with her son Andrew, one of big h's best pals.

we had the best time just being outside. it was warm but still felt a little like fall.

we came home, and daddy had brought dinner home for all of us.

and i kid you not, buz and i swore that something must be up. big h must want something big. or goo must have colored somewhere she wasn't supposed to.

because i kid you not, these kids were ANGELS. and i normally don't say all of this. because, normally it's not true.

goo ate dinner.

let's just stop there.

i'll repeat myself. goo ate dinner. she ate a sonic hot dog. and more than HALF of my guacamole from on the border. seriously, at the end, she was scooping it out of the bowl with her hands. big h ate his hot dog and all of buz's rice. and i can't tell you how many times he was saying 'thank you' and 'wow, this is wonderful daddy,' and i love being together.'

i know. i'm serious. and then, when they were both done, we said they could have some gummy fruit snacks. big h's favorites are indiana jones and batman. goo's favorite are dora and really any other kind of fruit snack that is brightly colored and tastes like candy. buz got an extra pack of the indiana jones ones for himself. but he started sharing with big h, telling him that it was fun to share with people you love.

and all of the sudden, big h starts asking goo what color she'd like next. of HIS gummies.

this, people, is UNHEARD OF. i kept looking at buz, saying 'is this for real?'

and we just laughed.

THEN, i noticed that i had left one of goo's diapers on the living room floor. buz asked big h if he would mind getting it and throwing it away.


and somehow they found another dirty diaper. (embarrassing that i'm writing that we have dirty diapers lying around.)

and all of the sudden, big h says, "introducing! the pick up diaper clean team to the rescue!"

i'm shaking my head. and they made up super hero names. big h was super big h and goo was goo girl. (using their real names). goo would open the trash can and big h would throw the diaper in. i'm not going to tell you how long it lasted because it would tell you how many diapers we apparently had lying around.

they both got in the bath and just played together. and buz and i covered TWO topics while they played and didn't interrupt.

seriously...were the stars aligned tonight?

we read stories and then goo says, "i go night night?"


i put goo to bed. when i came in our room, big h was talking to buz about something. then, they got to talking about legos. shocker. and he was telling me about the ones he didn't have. and i was about to start in on my nagging mom speech about being grateful for blah, blah, blah.

and out of his mouth comes, "but i'm thankful for what i've got, mama!"

seriously. ask buz.

it was the best day. buz played playstation. i did fun computer stuff. tomorrow we are having our SUPER babysitter over and buz and i are headed to a local steak restaurant for a friend's 30th birthday party. so fun. i might be wearing heels.

best part of my day? really? i have to pick one? um, dinner. no-brainer.

goo working on the easel in bitsy's garage. she means business with art.

um, i hate to be SO BIASED but who knew my daughter would make such a DARLING cowgirl?


ride 'em cowboy!

now YOU do it, mama.

no stock show is complete without a plastic microphone.

wild blue yonder?

mom up too late on her computer.

big h practicing his golf swing.

this is what i got when i actually said outloud, 'c'mon, i'll pay you if you stop running and look at me for five seconds."


you'd think he'd be used to it after five years, right?


aimee said...

That is one great day! I love the cowgirl pics of goo!

Jenna said...

I smiled through this WHOLE post! Really smiled at the subway shout out. Really REALLY smiled at the Wisner superheroes doing their part to rid the world of dirty diapers. And really really REALLY smiled at the photographic adorableness at the end.

What a great day. Love you friend! Ya'll have fun tonite!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome day!!!

She is a cute cowgirl!

Anonymous said...

goo is looking more and more like you every day. love your day, love that you shared.

R said...

new running shoes! that's IT!! that's what i need for v-day. a little hole is developing in the right toe of mine. :0)

Kelly said...

I am so happy for you that you had this PERFECT of a day. Really, that is a spectacular day.

Now, I have to comment on the similarities of Lucy and Goo. Loves art. check. Love any kind of gummie. check. Normally is hesitant about going into her class but will out of the blue surprise me and walk in and hug her teachers. check. Doesn't normally eat dinner (this one drives me batty), likes to sleep in until at least 8 sometimes she will go to 9. check, check. I am not kidding, I have, throughout our new postings, read about Goo and said to myself how similar she was to Lucy in one way or another, but tonight there were just SO MANY things that are just alike. We have to get them together and see how they do with one another. Maybe this week? Email me about a day that would work for you guys.

The cowgirl pictures are awesome. I am dying to talk to you about cameras and editing. I love your editing. It is beautiful.