Tuesday, March 03, 2009

tuesday march 03 2009

funny how i feel like i have so much to say. but when i come over here and sit, i can't think of any of it.

i was thinking today about how many "letters" i write in my head throughout each day.

dear batman. thank you from the bottom of my heart for single-handedly teaching my oldest about how good guys defeat bad guys and that superheroes are awesome. thank you for instilling the value of doing good. i mean, i know you're batman and all. but you've done a mighty work in big h. thank you.

(a lot of them just go straight to God)

dear jesus.thank you for goo's third toe on her left foot. i don't know what it is about it, but i cannot stop staring at it. it is so insanely cute. it almost has a personality, really. like goo.

dear dell. why don't your support technicians speak english?

dear ramen noodles. thank you for being so good to me? since high school.

dear dr pepper. why do you call my name at all times during the day?

dear big h. you are such a stud. i hope we're friends when you get older and cooler.

dear goo. oh my. you are such a bundle. i can't wait to meet your first friend.

dear saucony running shoe company. are you hosting a giveaway any time soon?

dear canon. why are you and nikon so different? and why are you both so expensive?

dear my hair. why have you never been full or thick or naturally wavy and luxurious?

dear ABC. nope, i won't go there.

anyway. sorry. had to get those out there.

so...to update you. best part of my day yesterday? around 4-ish in the afternoon, i was cleaning up in the kitchen and getting ready to get my ingredients ready for dinner. we were having jambalaya. this is important to the story. kids in the other room, playing questionably too quiet. when my phone rings. i look at the caller ID, and it says, "JENNA MOBILE." um, yeah, as in these are the days jenna. i totally freaked out with glee. and i answered as quickly as possible with the classiest response known to man.

"oh good God."

i know.

yes, i am ashamed.

but you know how it is with this whole blogging community. you kind of feel like you're meeting celebrities.

so that's the way i answered. luckily, she laughed. i'm not sure if it was a genuine laugh or a "seriously? oh good God? this is so awkward. i so wish i hadn't called." laugh. guess i'll never know.

unless she tells me.

so we proceeded to talk. and talk. and talk. i know this may surprise some. seeing as how we're both pretty concise with words.

first off the bat. her accent? there is NO DOUBT she is from the south. i LOVED it. it was like i was talking to my sister-in-law. i loved it so much.

and her zest for life? and her satisfaction with where the Lord has her right now? and her joy through the telephone? all of it...awesome.

i told her very short stories void of any details. and she did the same.

ok. not really. i got off on so many tangents, i felt sorry for her.

it seems my post nudged her a bit. actually, it seems that God allowed my post to nudge more than one person. He's awesome like that.

and my ultra shy children asked to speak to her. and they did. big h told her about his bat plane. and goo told her about her "guhl." which is girl, in goo speak. they loved her. shocker.

anyway, there you have it. it was awesome. total highlight of my day. jenna, i am SO glad we're pals.

oh, and jenna? my jambalaya was good. i mean, my kids hated it. but they're hard to please. buz and i thoroughly enjoyed it. yum.

as for today? best part of my day today was hearing from two different people at big h's school that he befriended the new kid. his teacher said that "big h really took to {new kid} today and made him feel welcome." and administrative assistant said, "big h and {new kid} seemed to bond today. sure was fun to watch."

when i asked big h about it today, he said, "well, mama. he was new and didn't have any friends. who would be heroes with him at the playground?"

seriously...have i mentioned how much i love this kid?

and goo? well, God love her. she's such a pistol right now. i decided we're holding off on the PT (p*tty tr*ining) for now. we'll do it over spring break. i thought about waiting until summer. but i really want her to have the excitement of doing it at school with her teachers who will be so thrilled for her. and i really think she's ready. it's me who wasn't/isn't ready. but in two weeks, i will be armed (with stickers and treats and who knows what else) and ready. and i'm serious, i will work extra hard not to talk about it. but i can't make any promises.

best part of big h's day today? when goo learned how to say batman and robin. he was so thrilled, he hugged her and said, "goo! that is so great. you said it! you really said it! that is so great!" he lacks enthusiasm. it's unfortunate, really.

sorry...the other best part of my day? when goo told me she loved me (without being prompted) for the first time.

that's a bird feather. not a knife. i PROMISE.


the face that goo makes about 95% of the day. bless her heart. it is SO hard to be 2 1/2. (and big h and i had NO IDEA why she was crying holding this ball. no idea.)


Kelly said...

Thanks for your kind words today in my comments. I always look so forward to your comments! I am playing catch up here tonight.

First, the first picture of Big H is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. You should be really pleased with it since you think Big H is hard to photograph.

Second, you should be one proud mama that Big H is so kind and caring. That is a direct reflection of you and Buz, so awesome job with your sweet boy. Seriously awesome job!

And Goo telling you unprompted that she loves you - that is just the greatest thing. I was so shocked when Lucy did it the first time. It just melts you into a small puddle on the floor.

I love your pictures today. That are really great.

Jenna said...

Two words (well with more to come of course) - REAL LAUGH.

That is what was blasting loudly through your phone when you answered and what could be heard if you were sitting by me as I read this post. You crack me up, my friend.

I SO enjoyed talking to you, too, and it was definitely the best part of MY day, that is for sure. Thank you so much for taking my call and being non-concise along with me. We long-winders gotta stick together.

Ok enough about me - I love the pictures of the little people! That last one of Goo is too darling for words. I love them!! And if it's not clear from our conversation/this long book-of-a-comment I have left - I LOVE YOU!!

P.S. Glad the jambalaya was good!!

Beck said...

Dear Smorsels, I miss you. Where have you been?

Marino said...

Okay, just had to say I love seeing Goo with her "muh"....Sarah has now moved on from Tyrone to Mickey Mouse, and as annoying as it can be to lug him around everywhere with us, I know there will come a day where I will greatly miss "lovey, Tyrone, and now Mickey Mouse". Your children are precious!

Love ya sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

This is completely random, but can I just say, I love the leaves on the trampoline. For some reason, they make me happy....told you ... completely random!