Thursday, March 05, 2009

thursday 03 05 09

the headache of doom has left the building. and yesterday, mama was back to her old self. praise Jesus.

goo and i had our relaxing morning. we got big h from school and played outside for a while. we came home and played inside for a while. but all of us knew. we knew we had to get back outside.

side note: i am definitely a fall and winter girl. and i DETEST summer. i own it. i do not like that season one bit. but it could be because summer lasts for months. and months. and months. and months. around here. big h has worn his "heavy" coat twice. it never snowed. so all of you people living in the north who are craving spring, don't be jealous. because in august? when you are getting out your jeans for back to school time, my kids will be begging to wear their swimsuits. and technically we could wear swimsuits easily into november. it's hard to dress like fall when you sweat when you walk out the door.

i digress.

i WILL say these few days of "spring" around here are gorgeous. nice enough to throw on a t-shirt and jeans and flip flops and contemplate where you have lunch outside. we went to the park and then daddy picked us up on his way home from work and we ate and played some more outside. they were tuckered out. but they love to play together. love it.

best part of my day? just watching them try new things and enjoy them. and watching big h's fear subside while we were there.

hi. i'd like one of these with a spoon, please. to go.

and one of these too.

she's so delicate. with her dirty hair. and dirty face. and brother's hand-me-down.

see? conquering fear.

here it is, too.


woo hoo.

mama, i made it!

see? i'm up here.

it's like not even scary, mama.


Jenna said...

I am SOOO glad you are feeling better. Tell that headache of doom that I have my eye on it. It better not be messin with my friend anymore.

I am dying over these pictures. They need to be in an ad for this park's play equipment or something. Awesome.

And that first one of goo needs to be blown up and framed as quickly as humanly possible. Email me and I will send you my address so you can then ship it to ME. Love.

Have a great weekend, my dear! said...

these pictures make me feel so happy!

Kelly said...

These are really, really great pictures. I especially love the ones of Big H conquering his fears. They made me feel happy, too.

Beck said...

Love the new masthead - great pic of Big H. But I miss my Goo.

Oh Goo - there you go again, rockin' the brother's tee with your hair all wafting in the breeze. You are my junior soul sista.

Alana said...

Look at you with your cool little Photography logo!!! Love it!

So sorry to hear about the headache, but as you know I can RELATE. I spent a few months like that last year and it was terrible. I now only get them on occasion and never as bad.

Hope you are well, friend. Wish I could see you in real life!