Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wednesday 03 11 09

so i didn't get my camera out today. didn't want to. didn't get out my phone either.

let me just tell you. today was my favorite kind of day. and by the sounds outside my window, apparently i need to move to seattle.

spring was showing her face this past week. and i wasn't happy about it. i mean, i was happy about the "cool" weather. the jeans and a t-shirt weather. but definitely NOT the humid eighty-plus weather that makes you sweat and not even bother turning on a hairdryer.

i do NOT like humidity. which is funny since rainy days are my favorite. i mean, you can't get any more humid.

am i still talking?

anyway. today was a school day for both kiddos. i took them in my jammies. i'm so classy. they were both elated to be at school. and i headed home with nothing to do. i thought about cleaning the house but that only lasted for about four minutes. i headed home, got some coffee from mcdonalds because my starbucks gift card ran out, and plopped myself on the couch in front of the today show. and people, i watched the whole thing. it was awesome. and it was cold today. the other reason i've been so happy. like forty-cold. not montana cold or anything. but colder than humid eighties. ahhh...

and i just did things around the house that i wanted to do. did computer stuff. did laundry. just fun stuff that i like to do. it was awesome.

and now i'm sitting at the computer with the windows open. listening to the rain. wearing a fleece and yoga pants. and buz is finishing up a game of lego star wars with big h. and i'm about to make buz and me some hot cocoa so we can sit and chat and catch up on our day together.

it could NOT be better.

took this video tonight. i think i did a pretty good job just getting her, ahem, face.

and found some other video too from months ago. forgive me for not taking a single picture?

goo in her fancy hat with her pig from janet wisner on Vimeo.

big h and his jumping jacks from janet wisner on Vimeo.

sinkle sinkle (from when big h was four) from janet wisner on Vimeo.


Kelly from Montana said...

sinkle, sinkle makes my heart melt for little man
big h can never grow up with video footage like that
you can "bet on it"
hey - you keep "living to the max" mom - you know you know where he gets the talent;)

Courtney said...

Did you say "Did laundry." and in the next sentence say "just fun stuff that I like to do?" I think I have found a category where we are NOT alike!!

Very cute videos! Loved the Sinkle Sinkle and how he was really serious about singing it.

Colored With Memories said...

sounds like a perfect day...i'm looking forward to sept when both of my kiddos will be in school two days a the school has a drop off i come!

i'm lamenting with you regarding starbucks cards running out...ugh!

Beck said...

Hey Momma, good job on the careful video of naked Goo plus pig. She's ready for both black church and the Kentucky Derby with that hat. Love that kid.

R said...

i love laundry too!