Tuesday, March 03, 2009

how have i not posted these?

last year, i had the most amazing opportunity to be a part of a fundraiser for a local MOPS organization. we did mini sessions and a portion of the session fee went to fund the childcare for this group. we did over the course of two different saturdays. i had a blast. some of these families were MOPS families and some were families who had heard about this through word of mouth.

i met a sweet, little family. we had a great time (all twenty minutes) together. i mean, look at them.

and then several months later, i got to meet all of her siblings. they were hoping to have some pictures taken for their mother. we had a BLAST.
and then, she called again this year. and oh my. her sweet, little punkins have grown up. i went over to her house, and we had so much fun. her daughters are darling. we just played together, and they were so sweet. (as a side note, mom has a budding cake business. go by and say hello.)

please. look at these little ones.
meet favorite image #1
meet favorite image #2


Kelly said...

These are great. Your faves are mine too!

j.ro said...

love that last one ... and the one with the sisters jumping and bro standing ;o)

i'll have to get details about your mops fundraiser sometime. i just found that idea on another photogs blog too and have been pondering it!