Sunday, March 15, 2009

deep in the valley...

i SO wish i could write a post without mentioning our PT journey.

but i can't.

i just can't.

this motherhood gig isn't for wimps.

i will make this brief. get it? brief.

wow, that is sad. i just made a pun about underwear. state of my being right now, i guess.

when big h was PTd, it was so NOT that hard. course, i think he was eight years old. or at least that's how old i felt like he was. we started late. and i'm wondering if that wasn't the BEST decision i ever made. the kid was PTd in three days. and we went somewhere everyday. none of this staying home mess.

get it? mess.

seriously. i can't stop. i really can't.


this week, i planned several things for us to do so we could get out of the house. and honestly, i'm a bit fearful of the whole week. buz keeps telling me that this time next week, we'll be so proud of her. and that she'll be so proud of herself.

but right now? this very moment? i can't get 'there.'

what's funny is a mere three days ago, i was giving my friend marino advice on how to PT. because, you know, i had done it already with great success.

now, when i'm done posting this, i am going to email her immediately and ask her for all of the advice i gave her just last monday. because for the life of me, i can't remember a thing. not. a. thing. i'm also going to ask her to get down on her knees and pray for me.

i am only writing this for posterity sake. but feel free to give suggestions.

so here's the low down on this week:

tomorrow, we are staying here. God help us that we don't kill each other with all the staying-at-home-ness.
tuesday, we are playing with bff and her kiddos somewhere. supposed to be nice. do we dare try a park, and we'll bring our little port-a-potty? or try a mall and succeed in locating all of the restrooms. course, i already know where they are. but retraining will be done.
wednesday, we're supposed to meet at a "cute, little restaurant" with some of big h's friends from school and then head to a popcorn shop to pick out different colors/flavors of popcorn. guess i should alert her about the closet full of clothes i will be bringing with me.
thursday, we don't have anything scheduled. hopefully, we'll be at the 'having lots and lots of success' stage by then?
friday, we're going to have donuts with my pal abeyta and then play with my pal kelly and her little punkins.

and then it's the weekend. and i *think* i may get to play with a friend on saturday morning. and she has NO IDEA how glad i will be to see her.

so...i can't decide whether i will post throughout the week, so goo has something to read when she's older about how challenging all of this has been. or if i should stay off the computer due to my intense mood swings.

poor buz. poor big h. poor goo. poor me. i'm not sure who i feel most sorry for.

buz...that he has to live with me right now. :)
big h...that he has to endure mom's short fuse.
goo...that she's done something ONE WAY for two and a half years. and now, we're asking her to NOT do that but to do something TOTALLY DIFFERENT and foreign and VERY inconvenient. but look! want an m'n'm?!
me...that i am surrounded by moisture. we'll just leave it at that.

anyway, this is a silly request. but you blog readers? say a prayer right now. that the wisners stay sane. and still love each other when this is all said and done. you think i'm kidding...


Jenna said...

On it! Praying right now for all invovled. :-) May you all be victorious!

Courtney said...


Anonymous said...

praying now and all week long!

Jenni P said...

We just finished up with our sweet girl. We had a flood running through the house for 3 days. Get out those towels! But then suddenly the flood turned to sprinkles and a couple days later dry land! Mission accomplished. Good luck to you. It will happen and enjoy the m-n-m's while they are around!

Jenni P

Kelly said...

Just said a prayer for you all, my friend. I hope tomorrow goes well. She will get there and it is going to be the greatest thing in the world when it is done.

stalker amy said...

i love reading about the PT because we are doing it right now too. best of luck to you!

Beck said...

praying! and dreading!

Janelle said...

How is the whole staying homeness working for you?? You crack me up!

PT is not for the weak...

H, E, Double hockey sticks.

Alana said...

God speed, my friend. God speed.