Monday, March 16, 2009

giving her her props may have noticed my cute, little logo over there on the right.

stop. look. admire.

i designed it all by myself.

just kidding. there is absolutely NO WAY i could ever create anything like that.

look at it again. see how cute it is?

when i first decided that i really wanted to go ahead with this whole photography thing, i thought, "you know...i need a logo. something that says 'me.' something that makes me smile. something that makes me happy and hopefully makes other people happy too."

and i thought, "i could SO create one."

bless my heart.

it hit me that i have NO creativity whatsoever when it comes to stuff like that. because right now? if i wanted to? the only thing i could come up with would be a t-shirt with this on the back.

see? sad.

so apparently, buz called up my friend sarah (unbeknownst to me -- awww) and asked if she would be willing to come up with something. and apparently, she said "yes! of course i will!" and i'm pretty sure she used all of those exclamation points. because she's happy and fun like that.

and somehow i got in on it. well, somehow meaning buz spilled the beans because he was too excited. so i got to "work with her" on the whole process. and oh my. i wouldn't be a graphic designer if my life depended on it. because the talent! and the creativity! yikes.

i told myself i would try my hardest NOT to be an annoying client. you know...the kind that yells, "no! not that! try again!" well, you'll be pleased to know that i did not yell those things. the annoying client part? that's up to her to answer. but guess what? it's actually hard when EVERYTHING she sends you is adorable. i basically told her i wanted bright colors and something that just said 'fun.' and she sent me sample after sample after sample. all were awesome. this is what the final result is. and i love it. i want to make everything with it. i want to put it on jewelry. i want to make stickers. i want to put it on a t-shirt. you know, to replace my current spring break '09 t-shirt.

so i told her when it was all said and done that i really wanted to let everyone know about her. and now? now, she has her website up.

so contact her. she's totally rad. gave little janet wisner photography its look. thanks, dude. i really, really, REALLY could NOT be happier.


chrys said...

she IS totally rad!

Anonymous said...

you're so sweet j! thank you. it was MY pleasure for sure. and i told you that you are by far my favorite client - ever. i still have the message you left on the house phone that first night i sent you comps to look at. i listen to it if i am feeling blue.

p.s. i wonder if you replaced the potty with a spankin' cute pair of dora panties and got a shirt made for goo, she'd be inspired? ha!!! (...yes, i know, i am forever art directing.) said...

it's wonderful! and i love what she wrote about you in her portfolio. if i were you i would go back and read it everytime i felt down or doubted my talents ;o) ... you rock!

Janelle said...


R said...

oh my word...thanks for passing her info along! i need a logo for my little fledgling PR freelance. :0) and your logo is way cute!

Alana said...

Love your logo. First thing I thought was that it was so YOU!. Your friend is very talented!!