Sunday, March 01, 2009

sunday march 1 2009

today was a proud day for this mama. first of all, when we went to pick big h up from sunday school his teacher told us that she had a story for us. she got a new job where she will be teaching kindergarten with inner city children. she and the kids in the sunday school class were talking about this and how some of these children don't make good decisions very often. so he looked right at her and said, "well, then i will pray that they will make good decisions. and i will pray for you, ms. b___." adore him.

and this afternoon, he had a birthday party to go to. originally, i was under the impression it was a "sunday best" party. because the party is for some of big h's friends who are twins -- one boy and one girl. (that might have been the worst sentence i have ever written with regards to grammar. whew.) i knew that it was going to be on a sunday afternoon. the girls would be wearing party dresses. there were be pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata. so because i'm fun, i bought big h a bow tie. i thought "fun. it's sunday best. we'll really pull out all of the stops." he said it itched a little, but he was excited. it was also his first "drop off" party. so we talked about it on the way there. i could tell he was a little nervous. so i told him i would walk him in and get him settled.

we walked in, and the birthday boy had on a rugby, some casual shorts, and crocs. i was feeling so silly. but i don't think big h noticed. which is one of the eight billion reasons i love the innocence of a child. i stayed with him a little bit longer because he seemed a little uneasy. and then he said, "ok, mama. you can go if you want."
i kissed him and loved on him for a minute and then just told him i would pick him up at four.

i was sad when i left. that he didn't know anyone else and that he may have looked silly among the kids that were there.

but when i picked him up, he was all smiles, told me about the cupcake and the pinata, and all the playing he had done. and he was no longer wearing the bow tie. buz and i aren't sure if it came off in all of the playing. or if he started noticing the boys' attire and took it off once he realized he was the only one who looked like a 50s tv show character.

but i can't tell you how much i love this kid. so confident in who he is. and that he just ran with it. several years ago, this would NOT have been the case.

cheers, big h.

update on last night. the dr pepper? surprisingly wasn't that great. granted, it was a bottle and not a fountain drink. but i'm kinda glad it wasn't that awesome. that's not to say i haven't wanted one several other times. but i was definitely glad to know that i wouldn't be craving it all day today. and buz and i leave the windows open in our room when it's cold outside. so we can snuggle and get use out of our down comforter. but last night, it was chilly. and so i wore his jacket. and my hair? well, i'm not going to do a rundown of the look i had going on last night. anyway.

and this, my friends, is the goo. she may very well be the quirkiest child known to man. this is today on the way home from church. she was lovin' on her baby. with her astronaut helmet on. and just kept yelling "space goo" from the backseat. the whole. way. home. and oh my, has she started to talk. and for whatever reason, she says "ree" before she says anybody's name. like at night, it's "good night, ree daddy. good night, ree mommy. i yubba you so much too."

she's so freaking funny.

things she's saying:
uh wotch sun-ting? (i watch something? -- said with a HUGE grin on her face)
i unna wotch sipmunk song? (i want to watch chipmunk show? -- she has a new found love for alvin and the chipmunks)
ah, yook mama! we washing doh-ruh. (look, mama. we're watching dora!)
in response to us saying "sure, we want some tea," she will say, "comin' right up."
i promise we don't watch that much television. those are just the words that she's says really often.


Courtney said...

Oh my gosh. Janet, I love your transparency! So refreshing! Big H...he was rockin' that bow tie! You are such a fun momma to think to go and buy him that. And I have to know...did he stuff it in his pocket and make it home with it, or did it mysteriously disappear?

Love that your Dr. Pepper wasn't that great. God's grace :-) I always pick one up on the way home from church...I know you have donut Friday, and we have donut Sunday. So when I stop to pick up the kids donut holes I always get an ice cold Dr. Pepper. So that was a little tough today. But we are pushing through and doing it! Go us :-)

Jenna said...

I adore Big H in the bow tie. And I adore the very cute talkin Goo. And their mama is freakin awesome. :-)

Kelly said...

Big H in a bow tie is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. So glad he had a great time at the party and totally didn't notice that he was the only one in his Sunday best.