Sunday, March 29, 2009

today was an incredible day.

first of all, let me inform you about my date friday night. um, it was FABULOUS! we ate our popcorn. we held hands. we rested next to each other. we laughed at the same parts. we talked about how mean the sea witch is and how cold it was in our room. (remember, buz and i sleep with the windows open if it's cold outside.) we were underneath the down comforter, and we got warm very quickly. i somehow convinced him to PLEASE put on socks. i'm not sure i could've taken the cold toes the next morning.

came home from church for a little bit before heading out to big h's second birthday party of the weekend. he told his sunday school teacher this morning, "i'm pretty busy this weekend. i've got TWO birthday parties to go to. whew. and i'm STILL potty training my sister."

little man takes on the world. so it seems.

on our way to the birthday party, i got a text from kelly asking me to call her back. weird. she normally either texts me whatever or calls me. but to text to ask me to call? weird.

so i call while all of us are in the car, and she cuts to the chase and asks buz and me if we will be her daughter's godparents.

in my state of emotional well-being, i break into tears and can't speak for several seconds. big h proceeds to ask me over and over again what's wrong. and it was so fun to just keep telling him over and over again that nothing was wrong. in fact, something was wonderful. i had no idea how to explain the whole godparent thing to him. i just told him that my friend kelly (who wears a purple shirt and sunglasses on our Wii) asked mommy and daddy to pray for her little girl all the time.

i was on cloud nine the rest of the day.

something i realized yesterday that i have mentioned before is how awesome my kids are as well as how wonderful my church is. the "drop off" is the easiest and most relaxed process. and i love it. we get out of the car with our cups of coffee and goo's bag. goo and big h run to the door, high-fiving all the welcome greeters. then, they run to the childrens' area, where big h and buz get their computerized name stickers. and goo and i look at all the animals. the area is made to look like a jungle. then, big h and goo RUN all the way to goo's class. skipping, really. and i continuously have to say, "say excuse me. say excuse me." and then they get to her class, and big h says, "goo, give me a big hug goodbye. have a great time this morning!" and they embrace. and we check her in. and we also check muh in. of course. then we walk upstairs where big h's class is. and buz makes a joke (EVERY SUNDAY) about what way the class is, and big h ALWAYS corrects him. and apparently, this joke never gets old? and big h shows up and talks to brooke and ryan, his teachers, about the weekend's events. and usually tells WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. but these two teachers? are angels. so fun and young and love hearing all his stories. and then, buz and i go to the lobby and drink coffee for about ten minutes and sit quiet. and honestly, we don't talk to a soul. we just talk to each other for ten whole minutes. it's awesome. and then we head in to worship. and we have NEVER been paged to go get either of our children. they love church. and i love that they love church.

my in-laws come today. and my cute MIL always tells big h that she's bringing a surprise for him. and bless his heart. he has such a hard time forgetting about the surprise. and so his initial hello usually sounds like, "hi grandma! where's my surprise?" and we apologize. and she always says, "oh, it's my fault. i'm just too excited." so they are coming for several days before they head to mexico for some R&R from their B&B.

and i'm just going to tell you that PT is coming along. even though, i wish i had a litter box. is that wrong? to wish for a litter box? when you don't have an animal? she had it for a couple of days. then, not so much. now, every so often, she gets it. i really want to go into detail. but i realize most people aren't that interested. so, i won't. today, at least. :)

on the way home from the park last weekend. we stopped to get ice cream.

big h means business.

"our" newfound love for ariel. or who we call "mermaid." and we have watched this movie *several* times. and my my...ariel needs a sweatshirt or a fleece. because i'm not too keen on having big h check out her purple br* for an entire movie. and while you're at it, will you get her a rubber band? because home girl needs a pony tail to hold back all that hair.

the park. when goo was showing signs of happiness. rare moment, these last couple of weeks. nice nappy hair.

pretty much her face these days.

what i'm washing a lot of these days. but i have to say -- how cute are they?

the other face we see a lot. (and note the HORRIBLE haircut we got during Spring Break '09. not on purpose.

big h probably about to say something profound.

donut friday during Spring Break '09


R said...

i totally want to be a wisner. y'all's life is fun personified! :0)

i love the photo of the panties...i have to admit i love washing and folding those darling things! want to know a secret? some of m's panties don't have a tag in the back--they're on the side--and they don't have a bow in the front either. so to help her figure out front and back, i totally sewed little bows on the front waistband. 'cause i'm a geek mom like that. :0)

Jenna said...


So much so I had to yell it out (in type). I feel like really yelling it (in an audible way).

I just love your stories and your pictures and your kids. FOR REAL (sorry, yelling again.) :-)

Kelly said...

So glad to hear from you and to see pictures. Lots of beautiful pictures. Goo will get it. Hopefully very, very soon. Miss you all. Hopefully my babies will get well soon so we can do something.

Colored With Memories said...

i'm all ears for more potty training news...jade is just around the corner and i'm already feeling in having anxiety!

appreciate your words on ariel...even though i don't have a boy. she has been the reigning princess around here for years...and needs some clothes!!

loved all the pics...