Wednesday, April 01, 2009

lots on my mind

lots on my mind. nothing big or fancy. or earth-shattering.

but things like:

i hope my in-laws have an awesome time laying by the beach, playing paddle ball, and possibly catching some rays. and honestly, i wish it was buz and me at the beach.

buz and i are watching kindergarten cop right now. oh my. it is SO MUCH FUNNIER watching it now that i actually have a five-year-old. hysterical. (oh, and emma? reminds buz and me SO MUCH of goo. "i'm not a policeman, i'm a princess.)

big h got to take home some toys from school yesterday. when i went to pick him up yesterday, he told me that he built boba fett's spaceship out of these blocks. and he was so excited to show me. and his teacher whispered to me, "go ahead and take them home tonight. let him show you." and she said to him, "big h, bring these back tomorrow. but show your mom all of the things you can build with these." and big h? was BEYOND EXCITED. the whole day and night, he just kept saying, "mom, mrs. s. said that i'm the only one who has gotten to bring anything home from school. and she said i was really good at building spaceships." and i thought about buying some for him for some special occasion. but for the life of me, i have NO IDEA what they are called. if any of you know what they are, they are these triangle things that fit inside each other and stack. anybody?

also, it is IMPERATIVE i find a certain commercial on you tube. because i've been thinking about it NON STOP, and i want to see it again and laugh. and laugh. and laugh. it's the one where the kid in the back seat keeps saying, "hey mom, hey mom, hey mom." and the mom turns around and says, "what, what, what! gosh! see how annoying that is?" please. help me. help me find that commercial.

buz is taking a couple of days off because his parents have been here. um, i wish we could win the lottery. because you know what? i LOVE hanging out with him. i love doing things together. i love the afternoons with him. and this friday? while big h and goo are in school? i have five hours with my man. tough call. a three-hour lunch? a movie? both? cuddling on the couch with a cup of coffee watching the today show? who knows? sky's the limit. one thing i DO know. i am going to be really, really sad come monday morning.

we got the school pictures back. (will scan soon.) so much fun. and didn't smile. i love that girl.

today was such a fun day. it started with grandma and grandpa getting to come with buz and me to take big h and goo to school. goo just ran into her class and didn't even think twice. big h, on the other hand, introduced them to EVERYONE. so fun. then, the four of us went to starbucks and just spent an hour hanging out. when it was time to get my kiddos, we played outside for a while and then went by the pediatrician's office to get big h's immunization record for tomorrow's KINDERGARTEN orientation. well, LORD HELP ME. i will definitely be a weepy mess come september 1. we went to the park with daddy. and when we came home, we fixed dinner and ate it outside. it was such an awesome day.

on the PT front, let's just say i'm not giving up. we're not going back to diapers. ever again. they are gone. out of sight. but i WISH we could. because...i'm being honest. i miss diapers. so much. i miss the convenience of them. and i SO wish i didn't have to do SO MUCH FREAKING laundry. whew. she's not there, by any means. i mean, she's getting there. but she's definitely not there. and one of the most trivial things about this whole process? don't judge. but i REALLY MISS DRESSES and i REALLY MISS JEANS. but right now, they really don't work. she just can't wear them. but i miss her in them. i wish she didn't have to wear elastic-waist everything. so there you have it. with big h, we had a sprint of a journey. with goo...well, it appears that it's going to be more of a marathon. but i've got endurance. i can do this. (and she stayed dry at school today. VICTORY. (granted, she wizzed in her pants 2.5 minutes later outside on the playground. that's my girl.)

(and for the record, i still constantly want to share details. and one wants to know about your child's urinary or bowel habits. seriously. and you would NEVER guess just how many pictures i've taken of my daughter's little tush in her skivvies. oh my.)

oh, it seems that president obama and i are related. facebook says so.

i'm going to make my mom make this skirt for goo. i'm pumped. really pumped.

hmmm...i think that's about it for now.

it's ok. admit it. you want to eat her for lunch. i know. i do, too.
you might be wondering why i don't take more pictures of big h. i try. i really do. but when i get in his face, this is what happens....
don't mind goo. reading US bedtime stories tonight. "doh night moon, " by goo wisner.


Colored With Memories said...

oh wow...that means we must be related to then...since we are BOTH related to barack obama...FB cracks me up!

enjoy your precious 5 hours with your man on anything other than washing goo's skivvies!

Colored With Memories said...

*too* geez!

Tracy said...

Are the blocks Wedgits? said...

i really think potty training is one of the hardest aspects of parenting the youngins!

those pics of big h coming out of the tunnel and the one of him on trampoline with the sun flare ... love it, love it!

Laci said...

That line you're looking for is at the end of the Get Smart movie trailer: I can't take any credit for the find, though, because I had to ask my husband. He remembers Everything!

Kelly from Montana said...

tracy beat me to it but i sent you the amazon link...

so fun with in-laws - family is such a blessing (so are diapers, right?)

the new playhouse looks great

looking forward to school pics;)

R said...

you said "wizzed". i'm still laughing!!!

Kelly said...

I hope that you and Buz have the best morning tomorrow. Sounds heavenly to me.

She will get there with the potty training. I pray it is soon.

Love the pictures. Your babies are just beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

she's a wizner.

Alana said...

Goo's getting so big! Tell her to stop that!

Penelope said...

cracking up that Goo peed the minute she got least she knows to go outside to do it! I REALLY need to jump on the PT band wagon, but I so dread it. JLS refuses to even sit on the potty. He clinches his behind and goes stiff as a board if you even put him close to the toilet... marathon for me, too!