Sunday, April 19, 2009

tomorrow morning

if you think of it (and are actually awake between 630-8) tomorrow morning, i would love to ask you to pray for sweet big h.

tomorrow morning, he's having his ear tubes taken out.

i know.

taken out.

but of course, the kid has had them in since two thousand FIVE, for pete's sake.

talk about money well spent.

but in those three and a half years, he's gotten older. (i know...count on me to point out the obvious, right?) back then, he had NO IDEA what was going on and why on earth he was somewhere he didn't recognize so early in the morning.

now? boy's got a clue.

so we've given him as much information as we feel like he needs. he gets to wear his batman jammies and gets to bring his batman lovey. yes, there IS such a thing. and there may be a lego darth vadar waiting for him when he gets home.

but what is involved: a hospital, a hospital gown, anesthesia, time away from me, and probably fear for him. actually, probably a LOT of fear. oh, and nothing to eat or drink until afterwards.

have i ever mentioned that breakfast is big h's favorite meal? um, yeah. it is.

anyway, if you think about it, i'd love prayer for my little man.

thank you. in advance.


Colored With Memories said...

i'd be honored to pray for him. poor guy! i'm sure batman legos heal all sorts of wounds!

chrys said...

it's 8:00 and i'm praying!

Casey said...


aimee said...

I said a prayer and I hope all went well this morning.

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well. We're teetering on the brink of if we need to have The Bean's tubes re-done. So far we haven't gone into the horrible never-ending ear infection land we lived in before the tubes. So we'll see.

Hope big h did great!

Life In Progress said...

I prayed for big h and his momma, both of whom I think are pretty cool. Hope all is well with your boy.

Kelly said...

I just read this, but I pray everything went just fine. I am sure that lego thing made everything all better for Big H!