Wednesday, March 04, 2009

wednesday 03 04 09

i'm posting this a tad late.

because wednesday? i was absolutely useless. both of my kiddos were in school. i walked and did some usual stuff around the house. didn't have any errands i needed to run. so i rested. because all of the sudden, and i DO MEAN all of the sudden, i happened upon the headache of doom. if you talked to me on wednesday, surely i told you about it. because i feel like i told everyone i came into contact with about it. oh my. i do not get sick often. i get headaches even less often. so you migraine sufferers, i tip my hat to you. because i have no idea what this was. but clearly, the only remedy was to take my head completely off my body. or have one of my children sit on my head while they watched a show.

oh my.

so picked them. we came home, and i introduced big h and goo to Lazy Mom of the Year. you think i'm kidding. we watched shows for almost two hours. and literally the only thing i did was change the channel. well, that AND tell goo "no, really, i'm awake." because goo does not want anyone asleep if she's awake. and she takes care of business by yelling "YOOK UP, MAMA! YOOK UP!" right. in. your. face. until you say "really, i'm awake." repeat four or fourteen times.

i finally texted buz (who does NOT care for text messaging) saying exactly this, "i promise i will do anything you want me to do tomorrow night, but would you please play with them outside the minute you get home?"

he got home. i made dinner. we ate. and i went to my bed to lay down. and he put both of them down. God bless Buz. Amen? technically, i physically put goo "in" her bed. but buz did the rest. i said good night to big h. and then, i got in my jammies, took a tylenol, got under the covers and was out. AT EIGHT-THIRTY AT NIGHT. and i was asleep BEFORE buz. which is happened approximately three times since we got married. and those three times were probably when i was sick.

i woke up at seven and felt like i had been hit by a truck. that rested but groggy feeling? luckily, it was a thursday. which means, we take big h to school, come home and stay in our jammies. and goo drinks her yogurt milk and i have a cup (or three) of coffee. and we play and relax and have a great morning.

but whew.

i'm here to report that the headache of doom is, in fact, dead and gone. good riddance.

and you'll laugh. because the pictures i took on wednesday? i was sitting. i never did move from the place where i sat. didn't chase. didn't tickle. didn't jump. nothing.



ispeakbeanish said...

Glad the headache is better. Those are no fun.

The Bean does doesn't like you to sleep when she's awake either. If T or I try to doze on the couch, she's climbing all over us or saying, "wake up, Mommy" as she shakes you.

Makes for great catnaps. Although I have to say, I really like it when she crawls up with me.

Kelly said...

So glad the headache is gone. I swear, headaches are the worst. They totally knock you on your butt.

I was wondering where you were. Glad to know all is okay!

R said...

i wish i could tell people that those "lazy mom" days with 2+ hours of TV were a rarity in my life, but sadly, they are not. even when i don't have a headache! :0)