Friday, September 28, 2007

mission accomplished

i bet you're thinking we purchased the belt. no such luck. but you know...i'm not really that sad.

because the purchase i did, however, make today was this (in brown). minnie pearl do i look with the tag still on?

yeah. go ahead and say it. or i'll say it for you. ooh. la. la.

and someone might have purchased some souvenirs for her family. might have. i'm just sayin'.

and we took some pictures of kelly's SUPER cute little family. will post them when i get home.

tonight is girl's night in. a little salad and some really delicious world famous corn dip. lots and lots of dr. pepper. grey's anatomy from last night. and a chic flic. all being done in really comfy pajamas.

and buz, maybe we'll freeze our bras.

if you're lucky.


Alana said...

Girls night in sounds wonderful!!!