Thursday, September 27, 2007

don't be disappointed

this post will not, i repeat NOT, be from buz. sorry to disappoint.

i'm in montana. and yes, i'm wearing a coat. because the high here is colder than the low in texas. brisk, people. brisk.

you probably don't want a run down of our trip thus far. because really, it would include discussing lots of different styles of north face jackets, how tall kelly's 4-year-old is, how great the Qdoba queso is, how nasty my nasal drainage is, what big h is going to be for halloween, etc. we've frequented the likes of sportsman ski haus (no luck with the north face jacket...looking at another store tomorrow), ross, target, tj maxx, gap, nordstrom, local toy store, etc. ahhh...feels just like home.

we've walked around some beautiful places. we got up this morning and went walking. (fyi: i got up before kelly. ummm...that's never happened in the twenty-four years that we've been friends. and she is insisting that she was ALREADY UP! whatever. own up to it, sister. just own up to it.) we had dinner OUTSIDE last night. and not ONE bead of sweat glistened my face or head. miracles of life. and then, we came back to the hotel room and read blogs. just like home.

we've spent a good chunk of time looking for a wide black belt for me. not some fancy dressy belt. and not some crazy fashion belt. just a good wide black belt. unsuccessful thus far. but we won't rest until we find it. we're committed like that.

and the truth is? the reason we're still friends after twenty-four years? we're best friends. we still amaze each other. we love each other's husbands. we love each other's kids. we know each other's history. there is no background to any story because we already know it. because we can go to sonic and she can order for me. this morning, we went walking, and it was cool. and i had on a short-sleeve t-shirt and long pants. and she loaned me a vest. kelly is smaller than me. always has been. always will be. but she loaned me her size medium fleece vest. and it was way too tight. but we didn't care. and it was a joke only between the two of us. see? none of you are laughing at the too tight vest. that's why we're best friends. she gets me. and i get her. and i love her to pieces. that wraps up the ultra cheesy portion of this post.

but see? i told you you probably didn't want a run down.

so apparently, everyone clearly loves our guest author. and why wouldn't you? he is the best? but can someone please pass the word along that he shouldn't write posts like the one today? because the mama's heart can't take those anymore.

who is impressed about the laundry and the morning prayers? i'm just glad he's continuing with my legacy. :)

tomorrow is "take your felt square to school" day. and by the end of the day, i'm sure the votes will be tallied. and i have no doubt big h will have won the "best felt square." buz promised he would take a picture of it (since i forgot). so i will post the preschool masterpiece when i get back home.

back home.

big h, i miss you. i miss your quirkiness. i miss you not staying in your room after we've said it's bedtime. actually, i don't miss that. i miss watching stanley with you. i miss your little voice. and i can't wait to squeeze you and hug you a LOT when i get back.

goo, i don't even know where to begin. i can't imagine what your little life has been like. luckily, you have your sweet dad to soften the blow. i miss you more than you will ever know. i hope and pray that the next three days are extra fun and that you and daddy build a bond that will last forever.

and buz? seriously? you gotta quit with the sad posts. because it makes me sad. but i love knowing that you guys are missing me. thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me come out here. kelly and i are having the time of our lives.

but no... we are not 1) braiding each other's hair, 2) freezing each other's bras or 3) having pillow fights in cute little pajamas. none of that going on here. sorry to disappoint.


Me said...

You guys. I am so excited that you get to have this get-away together and are having so much fun. Janet, I know they miss you, Sweeetie, which is good. But don't worry about them. Love every minute of your girl escape and think how fun it will be when you get to hug them again. Plus, reading Brad's blogs is such great entertainment for us all. Hi Kelly. Don't get in too much trouble, you guys. Love, Me

Me said...

PS Janet, I can just hear Brad right now after I called him a meanie, saying "What? Me?"

wads and bob said...

Hey, you guys are missing out if you're not freezing bras...

I am so jealous...yet totally pumped you guys are having a great time!

TOTALLY miss you, bff! Come back so we can make cookies and friendship bracelets :)

Alana said...

I aree, can't take anymore sad posts. Glad you are having a great time. You deserve it!