Friday, September 07, 2007

big day for the boys

(apologies first...the spacing on this thing is SO MESSED UP i can't even believe it. so in spite of my semi-OCD, i'm going to leave it. because i don't want to mess with it anymore.)

buz turned thirty-something.

big h's first day of school was today.

surprisingly, big h was really excited to go to school this morning. maybe his breakfast of champions had something to do with it.
and i had no problem helping big h score points with his teachers. i bought them each a donut. it worked.

he was so pumped about getting in his class and seeing his teachers and friends. he literally opened the door handle himself and marched right in. the teachers welcomed him with open arms, and he was off.

clearly, he was thrilled about a photograph. i so heard him say, "moooommmmmm. not in front my friends." (ok, he didn't say that, but i promise that's what i heard in my head.)
(and is he trying his best to look malnourished?)

obviously more excited about the "thing you make hand prints on." i told him i loved him and to have a good day. and the response was, "yeah, mama. you have a good day too. i love you yots."

really, the separation anxiety was tough on him.
or not.
surprisingly, goo was sad about him leaving. the whole way home, she kept looking over to his empty car seat. i was more sad about that than anything else.
but she and i ran some birthday-related errands for daddy.
speaking of daddy, let's talk for a moment about him. you know how brevity is my strong suit. of course, pictures say a thousand words. so thank you, pictures, for doing part of my job.
but honestly, there are times even i don't know what to say about buz. those of you who know him know what i'm about to say.
he NEVER EVER thinks about himself. and i mean NEVER. EVER.
first of all, i always dreamed of marrying my prince charming. see?

you smooth dadday if you will.

but buz is this. UNSELFISH. i don't know how to say it any other way. he is never happier than when he is with us, as a family. we are what he dreamed of. i don't say that conceited. that's what he would tell you. i mean, if you were to ask him. he doesn't have a favorite color. not a favorite drink. not a favorite meal. not a dream car. not a favorite this or that. ok, so he does have one favorite. and me, of course. well, and big h and the goo. and the reason he doesn't have favorites? because he wants everyone else to be happy. if i had a dollar for every time i heard, "oh, whatever you want to drink or whatever you want to watch or whatever you want to have," i would be one rich woman. for example, tonight he wanted to go eat pizza with the kids at a very family-friendly pizza place and then get wings on the way home. but the goo had had a long day and was hungry and thirsty and really ready to get out of her car seat. so he just suggested the closest place to where we were when we were talking on the phone in our respective cars. forego his birthday plans for the goo.
i used to feel guilty. until i realized that he loved pleasing us. loved it. and trust me -- when he does want something specific, he goes after it. or at least expresses it.
he loves his mom.

he loves his dad.

he loves his brother and his wife and family.

he loves my parents.

he loves my brother and his wife and family.

and every one of my friends will tell you that i am the envy of the girls. because there is not one friend of mine who doesn't LOVE my husband. i mean, like him a lot as someone else's husband, you know.
he condones my love of handbags.
he brushes my hair at night. he is a sensitive guy.
but don't get me wrong. he is a man's man.

he pursued me, and i blew him off. then, i realized he was awesome, and i, like any other "southern" Christian girl pursued him like mad. he was no longer into me. RATS. and i got the "it's just not the right timing" song and dance.
but then, he prayed and prayed and realized that it was the right timing. well HALLELUJAH! and ladies, he courted me. he respected me in every way. he doted on me. he respected my parents. he wanted to get to know my brother and sister-in-law because they were important to me. he wanted to get to know my best friend because she was important to me.
and he loved Jesus. with me. beside me.
and now my life is rich. it's complete. i am living with my best friend. i love you so much, sweet buz. happy birthday. i am so glad you were born.
in central park. because i wanted to go to central park, he took me.
rockefeller tree at christmastime.
buz having NO PROBLEM being cheesy with me. (back when we needed to use up a roll of film. remember that?)
magic time machine. not a real jail. we're not that crazy.
horse race.
night we got engaged.
proposed with christmas lights. see? thoughtful.
do you notice how much how much bigger my fish is than his?


Alana said...

It is such a treat to read your blog. It brightens my day when I see your blog name bolded in my bloglines...really.

First, I can so see a preview of Big H at 14 in that first picture when he really is saying, "Mom! Not in front of my friends!"

Second, whatever will you do when Big H starts saying "lots" and not "yots"?

Third, LOVED your birthday tribute. He sounds a lot like my husband. We are blessed. And how fun are all the pictures? It makes me want to dig out all our old photos from the college sweetheart years. You know, when you actually made prints of your pictures instead of filing all 4000 of them on your computer? Because you finally did use up that last bit on the roll of film?

Big Mama said...

Happy Birthday to Buz. I can't imagine he'll get anything better than all the sweet things you said about him.

It's even better than wings.

Marino said...

Happy Birthday sweet Buz!! I can definitely attest to the fact of what a wonderful guy he is & how sweet he was as he courted you since I was around for every second of it! Hope you have a great one Buz & get that pizza soon!


MOM said...

What a joy it is for me to watch the love affair between you two. Of course, he is one of the best things his Dad and I have contributed to this world and we love him more than any words possible and couldn't be more proud of the fun, sensitive, hard-working, brilliant man he is, the loving father and husband he is for the three of you, the great friend he is and the incredible son he has ALWAYS been. Thanks for making him so happy, Sweetie.