Monday, September 03, 2007

from the mouths...

when asking buz if he wanted to order some netflix. (i'm so hip with lingo. i know it.)

because big h repeats EVERYTHING we say, he asked daddy again, "daddy, do you want to bake some nut flakes?"

i love this kid.

***and then, when i asked buz if i should post this or if it was dorky, big h said to me, "no, mama, it's not borky. it's not."

never a dull moment.


Alana said...

Definitely not borky...cute, though.

Kelly from Montana said...

how cute baking nut flakes be borky?

Darlene R. said...

Hi! This is my first trip to your cute! I know what you mean with the dorky thing. I always wonder after I post something if it's silly. But then I think "Oh well, this is me!"
My 5 year old wanted me to post a pic of him sitting on the, well, you know. I did opt out of that one! I had 2 sister and no brothers, so having 2 boys has been an experience for me. I'm not used to boy humor!
BTW, I got here through Alana's blog.
Have a great day,