Saturday, September 01, 2007

it takes a strong heart be a baylor fan.

my mom's birthday was this past week, and she decided that she wanted buz and me to go with her and my dad to a baylor game. today. without kids.

done. we'll get a sitter.

here's the one part of football season that i don't like. the tease that it's fall. where is it fall at the end of august?

news flash: it's still summer here. really, really 90-degree summer.

early on, i always dreamed of being with my boyfriend at a football game, all snuggled up next to each other with a blanket. holding hands. wearing jackets, pants, sweaters, hats perhaps.

i mean, at least long sleeves.

but when deciding what to wear to a football game includes the question to myself, "what can i wear that i will still look cute even if i'm wet from all the sweating?" well, that's just wrong, people. it's just wrong.

i digress.

our sitter (who came straight to our house from her track meet -- hoss.) got to our house at 3:00, and we were out the door. i spent the whole day looking forward to three o'clock. absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

on the way to the game, buz and i talked. really talked. about stuff on our minds and hearts.

with not a single interruption.

got to the stadium, and immediately we felt like we were in college again. only, we weren't. but the sound of the band. the announcer over the loud speaker. smell of processed cheese and jalapenos.

and the sight of UMPTEEN THOUSAND college kids text messaging.

makes me feel really old.

baylor got off to a good start. we held the horned frogs from two touchdowns at the beginning of the game. impressive. we made it down the field a couple of times.

and then, it was pretty much downhill the rest of the game. and that was just the first quarter.

but buz and i had nowhere to be. other than sitting next to my parents, rooting on our alma mater. and eating our nachos, of course.

they shut us out 27-nothing.

the sad thing about baylor is that i don't ever remember them being good. my mom went to baylor, so we grew up going to at least one game plus homecoming. and they never won. they never really had a good team. some teams are good, and even when they have a bad game, it's not hard to watch. because, you know, they're good.

not baylor. you always hope that this year, things will turn around. but usually, they don't.

like i said, it takes a strong heart to be a baylor fan.

but Lord have mercy, what i would've given to have been at this game. BOOMER SOONER!

Hallelujah -- football season is here.

**oh, and by the way. someone once told me to get a sense of what's in and current, go to a college campus. let's just say that sweating is not in right now. because not one cute little 19-year-old girl in her j.crew outfit and her celebrity chanel sunglasses had one drop of perspiration anywhere on her body. i'm blaming mine on hormones. i can still do that, right? even if goo is over a year old? and for the record, i don't remember wearing anything other than a t-shirt and shorts to a football game. and i sure didn't wear any make-up. or chanel sunglasses.


Alana said...

Sounds like a fun day! And I love the pic!

Kelly from Montana said...

perhaps if you had the chanel sunglasses at least you won't perspire?

wads and bob said...

GO HORNED FROGS! Sorry, I can't sugar-coat things too much, when my alma mater is invloved, anyways.

Glad you had fun, though, despite the horrific loss :)

Janelle said...

So sorry your team lost, but I am a TCU girl! GO FROGS!

OK, so you probably won't want to be my friend now.

Janelle said...

Hey, wads and bob. When did you graduate TCU? My husband and I were '96 and '97.

Jill said...

Boomer Sooner, indeed!

R said...

I'm laughing--I was going to comment on the heartbreak of MY alma mater on Saturday, but I see you took the liberty of covering that for me. :0) I don't care...I still bleed (UNT) green no matter what the score!!!

And we are OU fans for one day a year, at least: OU-TX weekend. We all even have Sooner attire for the day!

(This is also an Aggie household, so we never cheer for tu, no matter who they're playing!)

Aimee said...

Ahh - fond memories of going to the football games. I agree, I don't think we ever wore long sleeves. But hey - Baylor has a good track team and usually a good volleyball team. Does that make up for our poor showing in football?