Wednesday, September 19, 2007

preschool classifieds


help. the mother of a preschooler needs help with a class assignment. if you too are the mother of a preschooler or know of someone who is, please contact me through the comments section or by email.

here is big h's "assignment." they are studying "all about me." i have brought a picture of big h as well as one of our whole family. they have gotten to talk about everyone in their family and specific things about each member.

side note: what i wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall when big h discussed something specific about me.


their latest project reads:

dear parents,

today in your child's bag, you will find a felt square. our class will be using these to make an "all about me" class quilt. please decorate the felt square with your child and return it to school by 09.28.07. you can use any materials you would like when decorating. the following are some suggestions that might get you started:

  • magazine pictures of favorite toys, foods, etc.
  • hand prints
  • child's drawing
  • photo of the family
  • stickers

have fun decorating. we can't wait to see your creations!

ok, people. let's talk. i am not creative. not creative. i need a map to navigate my way through hobby lobby and michaels. i haven't *played* with glue since i had a crush on...well, he was a boy in fifth grade, but he might be reading this. so he will remain anonymous. i used to make friendship bracelets in the summers. but this is the extent of my craftiness. however, i have a little OCD about stuff like this. meaning, i want big h to bring something that he is proud of, i am proud of, and of course, the teachers and rest of the entire student body are proud of. i'm not going to take a class this weekend or anything. but am soliciting your help so big h won't be the laughing stock of CRCDS. i need serious help.

this is a felt square. how on earth do you attach a picture to a felt square? stickers? my kid LOVES buz and woody, so naturally i thought i would purchase some buz and woody stickers for said quilt square. to attach? hand prints? what kind of paint do i put on his hands or feet that is washable but won't wash off the quilt? and child's drawing? big h is WAY into writing his name by himself. so i would love to somehow include that as well.

i PROMISE this is not a ploy to reach out to you lurkers. i am ok that you lurk. i too am a lurker. but people. this mama is in need of some assistance. and fast.

so come one. come all. to the aid of this frazzled mama.

and a little FYI: this is due on a day i will not be there. i am going on vacation by myself. that's WITHOUT CHILDREN and leaving next wednesday (09.26). so buz will be bringing this masterpiece. if you don't want to help me, c' least help buz.

(and if you don't want to comment, email me at i'm not too proud to beg.)


Kelly from Montana said...

really can't believe you haven't got a dozen comments yet- maybe they sent them all to e-mail??? you know i am no help here...but i will reach into my depths to see what i can come up with for you!

Anonymous said...

Ideas to brainstorm...could you try using special iron-on paper that Big H could write his name on, to be transferred to the felt square....or use a smaller square of white fabric to be sewn (or go the no sew route with iron on tape) ontop of the felt square and use fabric markers for Big H to decorate and write his name on....or find some fun woody and buz stickers that you could hand sew onto the square....or get a big needle and yearn and help Big H stitch his name on the square.

Anonymous said...

if it were me, I'd buy fabric pain from michaels (NOT washable)-smear some on his hand, have him make a practice handprint on a paper plate ( to blot the excess) then press his hand on the square.

you can also buy a little squeeze bottle of fabric paint in another color and make a big "H" in the center of the handprint

just a suggestion-I'd do this outside, on newspaper, while he's in his undies.

with wet wipes right there to clean his hand off.

hope that helps!!!


Anonymous said...

I meant painT, not pain, fyi

Anonymous said...

I was a preschool teacher years ago and i did this exact project with my class once. Hmmm... trying to think what kids brought in. I did a square for myself too.

Hot glue works well for attatching things to felt. Also Craft glue (stronger than Elmers) does too. I would recommend the craft glue over hot glue gun.

If you wanted to spell out things neatly, you can buy felt stick on letters ... they come packaged like sticker letters. I would think the craft section at Walmart would carry these or Michaels.

If you want to do stickers and you are worried about them falling off, put a little craft glue on their backs.

How about buying cute buttons that are in the shapes of what H likes .... you could attach them easily with a few stitches.

Roam the aisles of Micheals ... I bet you will get some ideas of things to attatch.

Good luck and have fun! Don't stress!

Alana said...

I'm so glad some crafty ladies have come to your aid. I did come up with hot glue today, but it looks like someone already contributed that!

Ani said...

I'm not particularly crafty, but I AM a big fan of fabric puff paint. You can buy at Wal-mart, its cheap, comes in TONS of color and you can let big h go crazy with it.

Just a suggestion - I would practice on some paper before hand, so you get the hang of it.

Good luck - and please take a pic of your finished project!!!!

R said...

Uhhhhhh...I got nothin'. Sorry, J!

stacey said...

i would totally do the button thing like someone suggested; maybe small buttons to either create his initial or whole name depending name length, then sew on a button of a character he likes, then cut out a small piece of fabric (another felt piece of contrasting color)and sew it on top of the character button resembling a pocket-have the character sticking up out of the pocket.

I probably just scared ya, but if you decide you like, i can always talk you through it since i am local and crafty :)

p.s. as a pedi OT, i also think this would be a fun fine motor project (sewing!) for big H to do!

Jenn M said...

wow, this would totally stress me out too--smart mom to ask on here. Fabric paint and "tacky" glue are my only suggestions too.

Can't wait to see the final project!!!!

Gramma Wiz said...

Oh Janet, you are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends to help you in this dire situration. No pun intended. I wouldn't have a clue either but still want it to be terrific. They have certainly come through. Where were blogging friends 35 years ago. (I guess waiting for the computer to arrive, but that's another subject.) Can't wait to see the square, too.