Friday, September 28, 2007

10 Things daddy said not to tell mommy

Hi! It's me, lil man. Daddy seems a bit worn out so I'm doing the bloggin tonight. Here were some of the events today daddy said we should keep a secret. ENJOY!

10. This is the princess daddy bought goo yesterday.

9. Daddy and goo ran out of gas on the tollway today and some nice lady picked them up and took them to the gas station.

8. The nice lady didn't have a car seat so Daddy and Goo kicked it old school in the front seat. They did share the seatbelt! :)

7. When Daddy stopped at the courthouse to drop off his defensive driving certificate he considered leaving goo in the car since she was napping. He reconsidered once he realized he was parked next to the Sheriff's car and they might come out of the courthouse first.

6. We had dinner with Nana tonight and daddy forgot Goo's shoes so she went barefoot.

5. Daddy also forgot the bag with toys, wipes, bibs and placemats.

4. Daddy decided to let Goo try a cup of milk with a straw because she wanted milk. It was kinda messy but Goo seemed happy.

3. This is the diver daddy bought me today since I kept taking goo's princess.

2. Daddy gives me a snack while he is feeding goo and another at storytime just to shut me up.

1. This is a really tough job and he is ready for you to come home.

Well, he's waking up so I need to go. Here were some other pictures of us tonight before bath time. Goo loves it when I chase her and that's the three of us saying HI MOMMY!!!


Alana said...

Great job on your first post Big H! Lots of guest writers this week :-) said...

i'm still laughing ...