Thursday, September 13, 2007

independent and cranky...

...or just a double infection.

guess who won "mother of the year" award today?

i decided i had had enough of poor goo. i asked big h what we should do, and he instructed me to call dr. g's office at once. i did, and they had an appointment . in an hour.

we were out the door and eager to see dr. g. (unshowered and no teeth were brushed, mind you. not a way mama likes to start her day.)

have i mentioned big h's diehard love for dr. g? it's almost freakish. but i'd rather that than the alternative.

we see dr. g at the end of the hall, and big h runs down the hall and gives dr. g a big hug and even though dr. g is on the phone (probably taking a very important health-related phone call), big h announces that he has thomas on his underwear. (note: we don't always tell everyone what kind of underwear we are wearing. big h just knows how proud dr. g is of him not wearing diapers anymore.)

one look in the first ear...infected. nice.

look in ear #2...infected. yeah. even better.

within 10 minutes, we were in and out of the office with Rx in hand.

and wouldn't you know it? we have had fun goo tonight. amazing how that works.

mother of the year.


Alana said...

If I only had a nickel for every time I should have received the "what is wrong with you", "oh, you're sick" Mother of the Year Award. I'd be a RICH woman!

So glad she is feeling better.

R said...

I wonder if that's what M has, too? All my posts this week have been about her being a fussmuffin... it's been a loooong week.

Janelle said...

been there, done that...more times than I can count.