Thursday, September 27, 2007

Have you seen my mommie???

Day 2 at Camp Buz began to show some cracks...

Goo spent most of the day either standing by the back door or walking between our bedroom and the big room. I think she is beginning to realize her best friend isn't here. When she found a Baby Einstein box by the TV she began to whimper. I'm not sure if it was the Einstein she wanted or the person who snuggles with her while they watch. Needless to say I put it in but was not a very good substitute for Mommy.


During Goo's morning nap I caught up on all the blogs and recent posts. Next, I finished the laundry and ironing and began to work on Goo's christmas dress before the breakfast souflee was ready. Once lil man finished his morning prayers I thought it would be a good time to make some of our community phone calls the the neighbors with the verse of the day...

Okay we watched Stanley and Sesame Street while I waited for the eggos to pop out.

We did run to the store but the rest of the day was spent inside playing hide and seek, building forts, and playing chase. Poor goo just seemed lost most of the day.

Her nighttime feeding was challenging. She was fussy and losing patience with me so we finished up early.

Since the night ended with the goo sad i'm not into anything funny tonight. She misses her mommy and that makes me sad. I miss her too. I love you pretty.



Alana said...

You're breaking my heart.

MOM said...

Oh, I got up so excited for another rip roaring laugh fest about another "Day with Daddy Mom" and now I am trying to book a flight to come and hug Goo. Brad, you are a meanie. Love, Mom