Tuesday, September 11, 2007

to God be the glory

let's give Him praise today.

for it was cooler than 97 degrees. AMEN!

in fact, on our way to the mall for our special occasion (to be mentioned momentarily), i did not turn on my air conditioning.


hallelujah...God answers prayer.

i'm not saying any of this out of mockery. this was an incredibly beautiful day. i simply cannot put it into words. fall is here. or at least it's coming. and it came out today to say hello. no sweat. no hurrying to get inside. there was a wind that even big h commented on. "hey, mama, there is air outside too! isn't that coolest?" (i intentionally left out the word 'the' because big h sometimes leaves it out. and it makes the story that much better.)

so the reason for the outing to the mall (instead of a park) on this beautiful day.

shoes. for the goo.

the goo has been walking now for about a month. really well. and she does NOT crawl anymore. that is so yesterday. our pediatrician suggested that we put her in "real" shoes soon, so she'll start getting used to the difference early.

buz, it's what the doctor said. we have to buy her new shoes.

it's a mother's dream. or at least this mother's dream.

even big h was pumped. he asked me so many times if she could get shoes like his. oh, and by the way, they're back. it's back to school time, which means big h has gone back to his staple accessory. in grey, of course. tradition. and to be honest, i had missed the 992's. really, i had.

point of my story...right. goo's 1st pair of shoes. this was a big occasion. not one to be taken lightly. we looked around at nordstrom, but i wasn't sold on anything right away.

moment of silence for that statement.

but big h and i kept looking. and let me tell you the shoes he picked out for her. God bless her soul if he ever offers her assistance with fashion. the first two pairs he picked out were these and these. granted, i know boots are in this fall. but if you can come up with one outfit that they would go with, i would welcome the suggestion. and the former shoe? well, since her ears aren't pierced yet, i'm not sure they make clip-on silver hoops her size. and i'm also not sure she would be able to keep the bangle bracelets on long enough to make the outfit worth it.

so...drum roll please. the goo's first pair of shoes.

i have a feeling this purchase will not surprise ANYONE, especially my mom. or my husband. just like her mama. white t, khakis, and a pair of classic chucks. and perhaps a red baseball cap. don't think that's not what she's going to wear tomorrow. and so am i. just kidding. i am so tickled, i can't even tell you. and the goo clearly has amazing taste. she was running around the entire store with the biggest grin on her face.

big day. will be written in her baby book.


Alana said...

CUTE!!! I would have loved to see her running around in them!

Sugar Photography said...

too cute! and SO Goo-ish to have those shoes!

and ps) you're IT! (see blog for details)

Jill said...

Love the Dolce & G's....that Big H has such flair..and I mean that in the most masculine way possible. Really. His flair for shoes remind me of my own little man's flair. Kindred spirits, I believe!

Janelle said...

Love the cool air today. Much better mood around here without all the sweating.

The shoes are too cute!

Big Mama said...

You know I love the shoes. In fact, I adore them.

How about mama? Did you get a new pair of shoes?

R said...

We've been outside briefly these last couple of days, and each time I thought of you and smiled because I knew you had to be as pumped as me, too!

Sadly, when we ventured out yesterday, I had to leave the windows up since M was running a nasty fever and wasn't feeling well. I heard the allergens were in the air full-force! But I had to get us out, if only for a brief run to Macy's to pick out a new iron. :0) And to the McD's drive-through for some dinner, because everyone knows it's the ultimate cure for what ails ya...