Wednesday, September 12, 2007

accident waiting to happen

we've noticed that since the goo turned one, she's turned into a little drama queen. i mean, she could give Broadway a run for its money these days.

separation anxiety to the nth degree. check.

teething at its extreme. check.

now annoyed at things big h does to her. check.

and with walking came a little independence that she kinda likes. my mom and mother-in-law are laughing out loud right now. because apparently, buz and i were both a *little* independent in our day. her teething has caused some pretty mean crankiness. and that teething? yeah, it has also produced some lovely congestion that apparently is here to stay.

so to say that the goo hasn't been herself for a while would be an understatement. more like some demon has come and possessed her sweet little body.

she has also become *quite* attached to her "lovie." let's talk for a minute about lovies. big h never had one. i always wanted him to. i mean, he liked his frog that i purchased for him when he was younger. but it was definitely not something he noticed when absent from the room.

goo's lovie. absent from the room. she begins scouring the house for it. and when found, there is an embrace that i could only dream about at an airport terminal.

so let me address those of you who purchase possible lovies for friends as baby gifts. buy two. period. just buy two. and save us moms the headache and fear of trying to replace said lovie should something happen to it. marino...i'm singling you out. you know that, don't you? pink bear blankie is no longer even in production. lillian vernon purchase. absolutely adorable. phoned and emailed lillian vernon. answer to my question. "oh, i'm sorry. ma'am. that blanket is out of stock and will not be coming back into production." marino, you're a dead man.

does anyone else's child have a lovie (other than marino whose child has like 3 or 17 replacements)? do they smell to high heaven like the goo's? even after washing. still foul.

so anyway, after the purchase of the new shoes, we went outside in the backyard to enjoy the beautiful day. and the goo messed herself up. not only did she fall several times and cry a LOT about it. but she also managed to get eaten alive by mosquitoes in the four minutes it took me to go get the bug spray.
she was so thrilled about her new shoes. meet drama goo. in all her happiness. and what on earth is big h about to do to his sister? or me?
but how cute? and the lovie? nowhere without it. no.where.
one of her first attempts at blowing this joint.
one of my new favorite pictures. took this from one of the pictures buz took of our shoes yesterday.
the seriousness.
finally...happy goo. the goo we know and love.

then, today the goo and i had lunch with a friend of mine and her 2-year-old daughter and her mother-in-law. she is in town for a shoot with the infamous weentrab. after lunch, we went to a chic little children's boutique (not for me) to look around. the goo, in all her excitement, tripped on a toy and fell head first onto a children's wooden chair. we were on concussion precautions for the next hour. but i'm happy to report that she's going to pull through. i'm not sure she thinks so yet, but we are confident in her recovery.
don't mind the goo. she administers her own pain meds. look at that goose egg.
can you see some of her forty-two teeth?
again with the forehead and mosquito bites on her head. and the big scrape on her finger. a mess, i tell you.


in other chipper news, i have begun cooking again. (yes, *again* buz!) thanks sarah for all the inspiration. i thank her as though she's my bff. (secret...she doesn't have a clue who i am.) anyway, i made a salad tonight that i am so proud of and just had to share. and you don't even need the recipe because you can see all seven ingredients in the picture. yeah, you're impressed. don't deny it.


R said...

I LOVE the color photo in the grass! The colors are so vibrant!

I hear ya on the drama...M throws minimum 5 Mariah-Carey's-highest-pitched screaming, wailing, rolling-on-the-floor fits per day. It's been going on for the last couple of weeks, and it appears that it's here to stay...

Alana said...

Two lovies...absolutely...AMEN!

Poor Goo with the goose egg.

WOW, WOW, WOW to the salad.

I started cooking again a couple of weeks ago, too. It lasted about a week, but I'm gonna do it again...I'm sure of it.

Janelle said...

I love the black and white pic of the shoes. Perfect!

So sorry about her boo-boo. She looks like she recovered nicely.

The salad looks awesome in the Trifle dish. YUM!

Marino said...

Oh, how wrong I did you with the lovie & for that I am truly sorry!!! It does thrill me though that the goo picked "my" lovie out of all the ones she could have chosen as her fav! If it makes you feel any better though, I do have 2 extras of Sarah's lovies, but she refuses them as replacements....way too clean, fluffy & good smelling...they know & will accept nothing less than the "original!" So, do as I do & guard that thing with your life!

By the way, I'm so impressed with your schmancy salad....looks delicious!

Jill said...

LOVE the BW picture of ya'll shoes!!

wads and bob said...

Wish I could've been at your house for dinner.

Yes, welcome to the stinky lovey world. NOTHING WORKS, I tell you...oxy clean, bleach, spray n don't waste your time.

Great pics, as usual!