Sunday, February 24, 2008

a little trip down memory lane

our sunday night outing tonight really moved me. don't laugh. we took our kids somewhere i have SUCH fond memories of. memories of my older brother and i going on a friday night or after church on sunday.

for the longest time, i called it john lawn silbers.

a couple of chicken planks. some hushpuppies. cole slaw. well, bob didn't have so much of the cole slaw. and crunchy things. lots and lots of crunchy things. you know, you had to special order lots of crunchy things.

and really, no trip was complete without the plastic bib and the pirate hat.

and today, our trip was complete with the pirate hat.

(fyi: the little brown thing on big h's chin? crunchy thing.)

is it sad that our nutritional meal this evening brought back so many memories and was so much fun?

no. it was freaking awesome. dee-lish, i tell ya.


Janelle said...

LJS was a rare treat around our house growing up.

Cute faces. They look yummy enough to eat.

Kelly from Montana said...

no ljs here just
haven't even tried it - you've inspired me though...

R said...

Oh my...I love LJS!!! It's one of those places that I love that I rarely admit to anyone. Right up there in Pancho's, Grandy's and Cici's territory. :0)

As for the crunchy things...did you know you can order extras of them? My girlfriends and I used to order "extra crumbs" in college and sure enough we'd get a little box of them separately in our bags. :0) Bliss! Love to dip my fries in ketchup then dip them in the crumbs before I eat them. A textural delight, I tell ya! Ketchup- and crumb-coated goodness...

When J gets it to go and brings it home, I tell him not to even bother walking in the door unless my extra crumbs are in the bag!

LOL...can't believe I have so much to say about that.

Alana said...

Sometimes there is just nothing better than a little hydrogenated oil in the form of LJS chicken plank.


Hits the spot every time ;-)