Friday, February 01, 2008

just your average joe friday night... the pediatric urgent care.

seems goo ticked someone off. and didn't fare too well after the fight.

or she just slipped on the monstronsity that is big h's playmobil airplane and landed head first into the fireplace.

either way, big h and i took her to the pediatric urgent care due to dr g's nurse having a suspicion that she might need a stitch or two. no stitches needed. they just glued her face. i'm serious. they glued her face.

big h remained calm. and fashionable.

if i've said this once, i've said this a thousand times. my daughter is a freaking hoss. a power house. basically, we had to hold her down so the glue didn't get in her eye and for another thirty seconds while the stinging was occurring. and the only reason she wanted to move was so she could get her hand on another goldfish. homegirl is serious about her snacks. and that was it.

now, she just has a glossy purple patch over her right eyebrow. it totally went with her outfit. purple is this year's black, so buz says.

needless to say, the playmobil airplane is in a timeout.


Kelly from Montana said...

she is a gorgeous fighter. she is growing some hair - looks great! you are good mom to take her in - bonus points and now you have documented the story of the scar!

Big Mama said...

I've got to hand it to her, she looks absolutely beautiful for someone who just went a few rounds with a playmobil airplane. Bless her heart.

Alana said...

Oh my! I'm so glad she didn't need stitches! I've done that twice before...once with each boy. Not fun my friend, not fun at all!

The first one was similar to Goo. He was hit with a castle. By his friend named Baron. And I'm not making that up. Imagine us walking into the urgent care with our three year old and when the nurse asked him what happened he said, (and I quote)"Baron hit me with a castle."

Kelly from Montana said...

hey - i just noticed the title. i though the play on words stuff was my thing? love ya, buddy!

Janelle said...

Poor little one. She looks like she gave that airplane a piece of her mind.

Glue is a miracle.

Debbie said...

We had a very similar thing happen to our Ben. He cracked his head open in just about the same place. Word of warning...they can peel the glue off. But now you can barely see the scar!! Glad she was such a trooper!!

Franklin5 said...

You know, I was already holding my own personal grudge against the Playmobil airplane for its tiny, sharp-cornered pieces, which magically appear underfoot when I'm least expecting it.

But now? Now I hate that airplane set with the heat of a million suns for messing with the Goo.

So incredibly sorry about the Goo glue, but I do love the picture of her defiant blue eyes above that slightly trembling chin. What a champ.

wads and bob said...

Glad she's hanging in there, tough girl that she is! Love the pics!