Sunday, February 10, 2008

i think we're in for it.

buz and i came to the realization that we're about to embark on something new and somewhat scary.

the word girl pretty much sums it up.

goo is going to give us a run for our money. period.

the way she looks up at us with the "what?" look on her face. the way she arches her back during a tantrum like even big h never did. (that's saying something.) the way she takes things from him just because they're his. i mean, she's cute and all. but whew. i forgot what 18-month-old land was like. i do remember that i didn't like it.

i think i've figured out why it's going to be so tough with her. with big h, we just knew and anticipated the worst all the time. which is sad to say, but it's true. we knew that in almost every circumstance, big h would throw a huge fit and have some sort of eeyore complex about his poor, pitiful life. even today, when we ask him what the best part of his day was, he will respond with something and then add a "but" at the end.

with goo, she's been so sweet. such an easy baby. and it was like she turned one and said, "i've had it. i'm done being the easy one. i want more out of life than just taking everything as it comes."

i've started calling her sassafrass, and it throws big h over the edge in laughter.

but i'm serious. the sass. oh, the sass. i am not looking forward to it. at all.

and the funny thing? it's like goo is entering the world/stage that big h is leaving. it's weird. and sad. and scary. does that make any sense? it does to me.

course, last night i had a dream about a childhood friend giving me a new handbag and going out on a date with simon cowell.

so you really shouldn't trust what makes sense to me these days.

and big h's finest moment today?

today was beautiful. 70s and clear. and for me to say that a day in FEBRUARY in the SEVENTIES was beautiful is big. huge. we played outside in the afternoon. and then i asked big h if he wanted to have a picnic for dinner.

complete and total elation.

and he also decided yesterday that today he wanted to bake a cake today. guess he's never seen me do such a thing, so it was us wisners living on the edge, really.

so tonight, we had KFC for dinner and then yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles for dessert.

he finished his (first) piece of cake and then proceeded to tell us he wanted a second piece of cake. buz and i said no almost immediately.

and then, as serious as a heart attack (that joke is getting easier to use around here), he said, "well, mama and daddy, jesus says that i should eat my first piece of cake. when i finish that piece, it is time for my second piece."

i mean, who are we to argue with Christ, our Lord and Savior over big h's sweet tooth?

for the record, it was a tiny, little sliver. but he went to bed feeling a victory over his parents. and saying to himself, "wow, i should use that jesus line a lot more often."


Jeff and Steph said...

I have a sassafrass, too. At least it's never boring, right?

Alana said...

I love the nickname sassafrass. And I love that you had KFC and yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles for dessert.