Wednesday, February 20, 2008

happy 19 months

dear goo,

in honor of your nineteen-month birthday, i want to tell you nineteen things i love about you.

  1. that your middle toe on your left foot sticks up from the rest.
  2. that your pink blankie is monogrammed with the name "isabella rose."
  3. that you are a milk addict. seriously. we think you nay have been in some form of detox last week, which contributed to your crankiness.
  4. that half of your meal ends up in your lap or high chair.
  5. that you like to double fist it with milk and water.
  6. that the only way we get you in the bathtub now is to entice you with an entire can of shaving cream.
  7. that ironically we've always dubbed you the "angel child," though it's one hundred times more difficult to put you in your carseat than it ever was with your brother. and trust me, sister, that's saying something.
  8. that you insist that your right shoe goes on your left foot and vice versa.
  9. that you've just figured out dollies, and that makes me happier than you will ever know.
  10. that you bonk my head when you try to give me a kiss. oh, and by the way, it really hurts. you've got strength.
  11. that you know just what toy to take to push big h's buttons. high five, goo.
  12. that you started teething at three months and have had all of your teeth since about seven months. you're such an overachiever.
  13. your tush. period.
  14. that daddy asks if you want fries with your shake. meaning you work it. you own it.
  15. that you can physically carry an entire sam's-/costco-sized jar of animal cookies successfully around the house.
  16. the way you look in hats. oh, how this delights me.
  17. that you and big h have your own little version of hide and seek.
  18. that your favorite breakfast is sausage and bacon. that's my girl.
  19. that your CT scan came back perfectly normal!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

we love you, sweet goo.


Chrys and Mike said...

What wonderful news! Praise God! I was going to say that #2 was my favorite but then I read #19!

Rejoicing with you.

Happy 19, Goo.


Janelle said...

Oh, what a great list. I hooted at number 19!! YAY!

Love her real name. So pretty and delicate in a tough sort of way.

Aimee said...

Oh Jan, that's wonderful. I'm so happy for you and the goo!

Kelly from Montana said...

i had hoped you were leading up to #19. now prayerfully happy days are on the horizon from now on - you here that goo. i wish i had free airline tickets - i really want a texas trip! miss you!

Anonymous said...

sigh of relief. so happy for the news! love you goo!

penelope said...

glad to hear she is OK. I have the exact same probs with my youngest..only when he is on antibiotics. Up ALL night, grumpy, short naps. We have been on them so many times, it finally became clear....they upset his tummy. The dr said to eat yogurt or get the chewable Acidophilus when they are on antibiotics and it was AMAZING the change. Call for an appt if you have further questions. Dr Sampler:)

jen said...

Whew! Big, deep breath of happiness.

Happy 19 Goo!

wads and bob said...

What wonderful news! I had hoped that's where the list was leading.... :) What a delightful tribute from a most excellent mommy!