Friday, February 15, 2008

making me happy

  1. this is the song big h requested this morning on the way to school. without prompting. my heart melts.

  2. big h (with the help of his teachers) wrote buz and me a valentine's day card. it had a picture of him on the front. when you opened the card, on one side, it said, "i love my mommy because" and the other side read, "i love my daddy because." big h is such an intimate little deep thinker. "i love my daddy because he gives me binoculars." "i love my mommy because she gives me breakfast."

  3. um, yeah, this is what buz gave me for valentine's day. so buz, i'm pretty much head over heels in love with you.

  4. big h's discussion while we were in old navy today. about the music. and how it made him get his groove on.

  5. how excited big h got today about the new mulch they put down at school. mulch, people. mulch.

  6. how much better goo is sleeping once she got on antibiotics yesterday. for her ear infection. seriously. an ear infection. can't the girl catch a break? guess what her belated valentine's present is going to be?

  7. what i can't stop looking at online. i know. it's an addiction. i can't help it.

  8. one of buz's valentine's day presents was a pair of new jeans. (i know. i'm nothing if not a hopeless romantic.) his response? "sweetie? are these some of those designer jeans?" God bless him. c'mon buz. we're going to bring you up to speed, dear.

  9. stumbling across this old picture.

  10. embracing my delicate flower.

  11. this morning before school, big h came up to me and asked, "mama, please can i pyay a pee-bee-ess kids dot org game on your computer?" i mean, i realize my kid's four and all. but why does this surprise me? every time? that he knows about dot org?

  12. that this is what is going on outside.


Janelle said...

That spa looks like HEAVEN! When are we going? I can be there in a jiffy.

Jill said...

Okay, so I may look like the blogger stalker leaving you a comment two days in a row, BUT, do you see any slight resemblance between our two husbands? I saw that super cute picture of the two of you and thought, hmm, at first glance, he looks like my sweet hubby. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's the similar "haircuts" ;) Regardless, ya'll look so young and in love!

Alana said...

That spa looks "fabuloso" as Dora would say.