Wednesday, February 13, 2008

um, guess who's feeling better?


(and a little fashion tip. because i'm so in touch with the trends. it was too cold outside to go without anything on her legs. but i was too lazy to go to her room and get pants. so because i just happened to be doing the laundry, her daddy's work socks did just fine. i know. you're impressed. talk about resourceful.)

and guess who is THRILLED about his "stister's" recovery?

needless to say, we had a wonderful day today.


Anonymous said...

eating her up with a spoon! seriously. those blue eyes? yes, you and buz are in for a heap of trouble.

and you know how i feel about big h. the boy is too handsome for any of our own goods.

happy valentines!

Jill said...

Gorgeous kiddos, gorgeous pictures! Laughing loudly about the socks!

Chrys and Mike said...

okay, i'm laughing aloud about the socks. they look adorable.

then it made me think of "business socks" (from "business time" by flight of the conchords) which made me laugh even harder.

great pics of your well kiddos!


Alana said...

Glad she's feeling better. Gorgeous pictures!

Jane the Sane said...

She's beautiful! I am glad she is feeling better.

chickadee said...

those are gorgeous pictures. love that burst of red with the hat. beautiful eyes too.