Monday, February 11, 2008

i so desperately want to write that goo is back in full force happiness and that all is right with the world.

but i can't.

but i also refuse to complain for eight hundred and one consecutive days. sooo...

for those of you out there who have your house cleaned on a regular basis, i am green with envy.

because ms. wiz? my house has never looked, smelled, or felt cleaner than it does right now. how should i thank you? i started taking pictures. but your smart a-- son reminded me that photos don't reveal smell.

right. i know.

but seriously...the euphoria from the smell alone just about did me in.

they cleaned the cupboards. the cupboards.

and they made big h's bed. i'm pretty sure it hasn't been made since goo was born.

thanks, ms. wiz. happy valentine's day to me, huh? i love you, too!


Anonymous said...

so. freakin'. jelous. if you look out the window and see the top of my head in bushes it's beacuse i am trying to get just a hint of the smell and see what such a house really looks like.

Debbie said...

Janet- we just had someone come and do the same thing at our house...and can I say FABULOUS!! I am determined to figure out how to work this into a regular thing. And yes the smell is something that I wish we could share through pictures because its just amazing!!!

Alana said...

What I would give for that right now! !!!!!!